Border Crisis: Where is Kamala Harris?

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  • POSTED ON: March 30, 2021

There’s a border crisis, but the Vice President is missing from the office… where is she?

It is being reported that Kamala Harris is currently tired of the ongoing renovations at the mansion that she’s about to settle in for the next few years. The Biden administration has suddenly asked for government volunteers, as there’s a surge

at the border.

The only question right now is this: Where is Kamala Harris when you need her? Isn’t she the one supposed to deputize the line during the sand crisis? Isn’t that the responsibility of the Vice President?

You may know that the situation (the immigration mess) at the southern border is getting out of control. Meanwhile, the person responsible for taking care of all the mess has gone missing. She has chosen to stay silent.

President Biden has asked the VP to stand up and lead the response plan, but so far, the action seems to have been terminated as she has not addressed the issue first hand. We reached out the Office of the Vice President to ask about her plans, and we discovered that she had no events in the past week. There was, in fact, no mention of any border-related activity.

And now, after finding out that the Vice President is doing nothing, the Biden administration has asked for volunteers to put in effort and help out with the migrant surge. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has sent out memos to the agencies that are putting in charge and delegating tasks to volunteers for the next 120 days.

The spokesperson of the OPM has released a statement: "We are actively working to screen, process and deploy these volunteers while continuing our recruitment efforts and exploration of other avenues to bolster staff resources at the border.”

We’ve been told that VP Kamala Harris is frustrated with the renovations that are ongoing at the mansion, and she feels responsible for not being in the Office at the moment. She wants to invest her time and help the volunteers in keeping the borders safe.

As of now, the Vice President is living at the Blair House which are the guest quarters at the Presidents’.

Expectedly so, the administration has offered no assurance or clarification for the delay in the renovations, but because of the turbulence, the Vice President has to live out of suitcase. She hasn’t been able to unpack her stuff or pack more for her trip at the border.

Last week, a reporter asked Harris if she would be heading to south anytime soon, to which she cracked up and responded with a clear “not today”.

In addition, Ashley Etienne, the Communications Director of the Vice President, accepted the request of Fox for an interview, but there was a strict instruction to not ask any questions regarding the subject over the phone. In fact, the interview was shifted to email, they asked to send her questions and she’ll respond simultaneously. There has been no response since Sunday evening, not even from the White House.

We’ve also been informed that Former Vice President had set precedent for operations under crisis; there was a White House coronavirus task force.

All we know so far is that the White House is ignoring all questions regarding the border crisis. The situation is getting worse by the day, there are currently an average of 5000 migrants and the percentage has doubled since February.

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What do you have to say about the growing crisis at the border - the US-Mexico border? President Biden had absolutely no explanation about the growing crisis that’s concerning! 

Updated March 30, 2021
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