Biden Inauguration: 15 Most Striking Moments to Remember!

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  • POSTED ON: January 21, 2021

How would you describe the inauguration ceremony of the 46th President of United States? According to us, the President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.'s inauguration was unlike any other but what dignified it and earned it a historic response was its theme: return to normalcy.

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Wednesday night was special in many ways including Biden plans – America got the representatives it deserves capped by extraordinary performances from the likes of Bon Jovi and John Legend and many others, and yes, some fireworks!

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris officially took on the responsibilities with their ever-so-worthy oaths. America now has a bright future. 

Biden and Harris have a massive responsibility on their shoulders: They have to deal with the health and economic crisis along with strong opposition from the Right Wing.

Biden wanted to sound optimistic and give hope to the great American nation, and his intentions were clearly reflected in his speech.

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“This is a great nation. We’re good people. And [to] overcome the challenges in front of us … requires us to come together in common love that defines us as Americans.” – He said in his evening speech.

Without any further ado, we’ve pulled together 15 striking moments from the Biden-Harris inauguration!

Michelle Obama’s Look

It was like a truck had run over us when Michelle Obama made her entrance – what a moment it was! From head-to-toe, she was dressed in plum, and what killer look!

Like always, she chose a Black designer to arrange the outfit for her. The ensemble comprised of a turtleneck sweater matched with wide-legged bootcut pants. She topped it with a structured coat of the same color which magnified her power look. A clear winner!

Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez’s Performance

There were several performances by some of the most beloved artists. We had Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, John Legend, Jennifer Lopez, and so many others rejoicing the moments of American history.

Lopez wore a white Chanel ensemble along with some symbolic pearls while dazzling on stage and singing “The Land Is Your Land”.  

Katy Perry – also dressed in an all-white costume – delivered a patriotic performance that will be remembered for years to come! Of course, the show couldn’t be complete without her power-packed song Fireworks!

Lady Gaga Sang the National Anthem

Lady Gaga was dressed in a beautiful navy-blue outfit and she completed the look with braided hairdo and a dove pin. Twitter called it her “Hunger Games” look – and what a moment! She sang the national anthem and gave us jolts of patriotic feels and wonder.

Bernie Sanders

Twitter had a good laugh when Bernie Sanders—dressed in warm winter gear— showed up with a bunch of files in his hands,giving the rest of the celebrities a run for their money.

He represented the community who’s in it for the thrifty looks, because wearing branded clothing at such an auspicious occasion is overrated. Of course, he became a trend on Twitter and his memes went viral!

Kamala Harris Chose Purple for a Reason

Vice President Kamala Harris went ahead with a meaningful look – and gave a nod to Shirley Chisholm, who was the first Black woman selected by the congress of the United States. She wore a royal purple coat created by a Black Brooklyn-based designer, Christopher John Rogers.

The Dove Pin Became The New Mockingjay

When Lady Gaga showed up at the inauguration in a Navy-Blue gown and braided hair, the audience was shocked for a moment. She looked stunning! But it wasn’t just the outfit that made us feel this way, it was the culmination of everything that reminded us of The Hunger Games.

She wore a symbolic golden pin of a dove that had an olive branch. Of course, the comparison was bound to happen! Honestly, we all wanted to toss up three fingers and mouth “I volunteer as tribute” to complete the theme!

Mitten Mania

Bernie love is not finished yet. The man became the center of attention when he decided to be thrifty and give us a look to recreate. Vanessa Friedman, a fashion critic, tweeted: "In all the inauguration fashion news, let us not overlook Senator Bernie Sanders’ mittens."

Twitter Trends #LetsGetLoud

When Jennifer Lopez hit the stage and sung her 1999 hit “Let’s Get Loud”, Twitter chimed along with her. The medley became a trend on Twitter, and let’s just say that things got really wild really quick.

A Day for Bumps and Fists

The attendees of the event followed the social distancing practices responsibly and greeted one another by tapping elbows or bumping fists!

Brayden Harrington Channeled JFK

Remember when a 13-year-old boy ended up stealing the show with his heartwarming video in which he shared how Biden helped him with his stutter? Well, he came back to voice his excitement and to celebrate the New America. He did so by reciting a part of JFK’s inaugural speech.

Kamala Harris on “American Aspiration”

She is a daughter of an immigrant and the first Black South-Asian person to enter the office. She gave a message about inclusivity and addressed the nation on how she will approach her work from thereon. She will focus on the “American aspiration” aka the “American Dream”!

Past Presidents

This picture is the moment that will go down in history! Three Presidents – Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton – got together to discuss the importance of peaceful transfer of power.

The Fireworks

America has been through a lot in the last four years, and it was time to take a break and feel satisfied that the clown is out of the office. America is now safe and sound, all thanks to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. So obviously, there were fireworks to celebrate!

The UPS Guy and All The Real People Behind the Event

Yes, it was Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s day – the inauguration –but the attendees didn’t forget to thank the people who made the event possible. There was a special mention of the UPS guy and the actual people responsible for the success of the event!

Trump Out of the office

Finally, the man is out and we’re simply going to end it here.

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Updated January 21, 2021
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