BHM on Youtube Logo: Leandro Assis Explains The Design Behind It!

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: February 2, 2021

When you opened YouTube today to stream
another video, did you notice something interesting? Was anything different?
Well, from 1
st February, the company has decided to change its logo
in order to pay its respect to something important. Very important.

You must be surprised to know that companies
around the globe rarely change their logo unless it’s absolutely critical. So,
why exactly do you think YouTube changed it? What could be so important? And is
it a permanent change? Let’s find out!

Basically, YouTube came up with a new look on
Monday and left people wondering why. But if you look closely, you wouldn’t
have to wonder for too long. The change has been made for a reason.

It’s essential to understand that logos are
important and every detail is responsible for indicating the values and goals
of company. YouTube has added three new alphabets to the circle “B, H, M”, and
they’re all in colors orange, red, and blue respectively. Also, the company
waited till the 1
st of February to make the change – indicating that
it’s for something important.

Well, if it still hasn’t hit you – it’s for
the Black History Month. This will be celebrated throughout the month of
February in USA and Canada. The annual observance will also be noticed in
Ireland, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. However, that happens in the
month of October and not February.

It’s so wonderful to see such a huge company
make such a strong and equally important statement, and that it will continue
to make it for the next 28 days.
these days, the company intends to celebrate Black culture, its excellence, and
its great voices.

You may not be able to see these changes if
you belong to the other parts of the world, though.

Who made this logo? It was a Brazilian artist Leandro
Assis who came up with this logo along with the banner design to celebrate the
month. He has also worked with other brands in the past like Apple, Disney, and
Nike. He is fond of using bold colors as well as unique lettering – it’s like
his niche.

The idea is to embrace and learn from the message. We
must understand and value the power of diversity and that, just because
something is different, doesn’t mean it is inferior or something to be afraid or
wary of.

In the typography, you can see the hair of Black people
is shown in orange and the icon of the dancing guy along with the rhythm is
designed in red. Furthermore, the blue color is there to highlight and elevate
the beauty of the skin tones. These three colors are meant to magnify the power
of BHM.

You should know that Leandro is
known for extending support to the Black culture as well as the LGBTQ+
and has a bold palate that enhances his
talents and craft.

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Anyway, hope you understood the design
explained above of the BHM on YouTube logo, created by the Brazilian-based
artist Leandro Assis’. The meaning of the design behind it – ‘BHM’ logo – is the
Black History Month.


Updated February 2, 2021
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