Asian Americans Advancing Justice| How Funny Racist Jokes Are Adding Fuel to the Fire

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: March 30, 2021

If you’re being offensive just to sound funny, is it really worth it? When did it become okay to treat marginalized communities like a punchline? Please check...

Humor isn’t considered funny when it’s disparaging and patronizing. If you find amusement in the denigration of marginalized groups, you really need to reevaluate your life. Racist and xenophobic individuals may find humor in dehumanizing the minorities; however, the joke that they find humorous is actually paradoxical as it addresses conflicting messages.


Each of their words can be perceived with an underlying implicit and explicit message. Racist humor is underscored with a hostile and aggressive connotation that is explicit and it is also packaged with an implicit message only to discount the prejudice.

What is the most common response of an individual that tells a racist joke? You must’ve learned it by heart; they always exclaim, “relax, it’s just a joke!”

But is it really a joke? What about 3rd degree murders, physical and sexual assaults, bullying incidents leading to suicide attempts, and acid attacks – all on the basis of someone’s skin color? Are they all nothing but a joke to these people?

You can’t disguise your prejudiced attitude with frivolous humor and make it seem trivial and harmless. In fact, science has given its approval and established that racist humor fosters discrimination against minorities and targeted groups.

Now would you normally feel secure in stating racist and derogatory remarks in public? Do you really believe that it would be acceptable? Is it possible to be openly racist and not get a strong response? No, right?


Hence, a lot of racist individuals use humor as a tool to masquerade their actual thoughts and feelings. They treat these jokes as if they’re funny and irrelevant, and so minorities shouldn’t feel threatened or offended by them.

When did we begin to monitor the parameters of humor? Should we even be allowed to dictate what others can and can’t get offended by? Isn’t that typical sociopathic behavior? Say something completely ignorant and abusive and still expect others to not feel emotionally wrecked by it. Wow.

This is borderline controlling and gaslighting behavior. How can you use comedy to exercise internalized racism? What is even stranger is the fact that this behavior is highly normalized in our society.


Statistics reveal that White individuals possess progressive views regarding the minorities, especially the Black community. But is that really true? Didn’t we just witness the Black Lives Movement? And now, ever since the pandemic, we have also seen a significant increase in Asian attacks. How are these scenarios indicative of a progressive state? 

In light of the current circumstances, can we still claim that racist jokes are funny? Do you think that Asian American activists are just wasting their time and that they don’t really need to seek justice? Are they demanding equal rights for “attention”? Is it a propaganda or a conspiracy?

Obviously not! These jokes need to stop immediately because they’re adding fuel to the fire – and this fire is raging right now. Asian Americans would tell you that racists jokes are something that they’ve grown accustomed to. They suggest that since it’s something that they’ve grown up with, they’ve reached a place where they’re unbothered by it. But obviously, you can’t entirely be unbothered when you see such atrocious attacks on your people every day. Is it possible to still mind your own business?

Or is it time to rock the boat and change the system?

The time has come, the momentum is here, and it’s compulsory to make use of it. We must make our voices heard because the Atlanta tragedy has united people across the globe. People are ready to fight and seek justice. They no longer want their family to get beaten up on the streets by random people. These attacks have honestly struck a chord because they’re vicious and have lost all sense of humanity.


During such difficult times, racist humor should lose its “charm”. It’s honestly atrocious and abhorrent. The legal and civil rights of Asian Americans is at risk, and so it’s about time for payback and justice. Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and pacific islanders have all been experiencing significant stress and trauma due to the recent horrifying attacks. If you still find these racist jokes humorous, you’re not just a shitty human being with an immoral conscience, but a stain on humanity itself. Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

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Updated March 30, 2021
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