April Fools’ Day Jokes| 10 Most Viral Pranks to Try This Year!

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  • POSTED ON: April 1, 2021

April 1st: the day for pranksters is here!

Back in the day (in the 90s or early 2000s), pulling a prank
was pretty simple. We only required a fake lizard made of silicon, a chair and
a scaredy cat teacher to get the job done. This simple prank was enough to
trigger a wave of laughter in the entire room and we loved it.

Now, people pull April fool pranks less for fun and more for
making money. But today, if your prank doesn’t involve a Hollywood makeup staff
or running a fake Bugatti and if it doesn’t get over a million YouTube views,
your prank is considered pretty “Ringarde!” (We mean “basic” if you didn’t get
the “Emily in Paris” reference).

The 2021 April Fools’ Day pranks are meaner and smarter and made
with massive budgets. Here are 10 most viral pranks, jokes and harmless fun
activities to try this year’s April Fool’s Day.


Imagine stumbling upon your favorite horror movie’s villain in
a dark parking area. Of course, you won’t go after them for an autograph. These
guys dressed as Chucky, Salander man, and Pennywise while wandering around the
city at night is hilarious yet spooky AF!

Coffee Shop Surprise

Imagine it’s early morning and you zombie walk to your local
coffee shop for a coffee –only to find that it’s haunted. Well, that’s exactly
the reaction of some customers at New York City. Here’s an advice: be careful
wherever you go, especially on April Fools’ Day.

Driver at the Drive Thru

One of the most followed magician-turned-pranksters on
YouTube, Magic of Rahat bills pulled a unique prank on drive-thru workers by
going all invisible. From making them believe that it’s a skeleton driving a
car to pretending that his wallet has caught fire at the time of payment, these
pranks are probably Rahat’s best till date.

Bungee surprise

Some pranks are intended for fun and laughter, but this one is
downright outrageous. Imagine you just went off a clip to bungee jump, only to
realize that you forgot to take the rope with you. Fortunately, the jumper
managed to get back to safety, but we’re damn sure the terror he undoubtedly
felt at that time is going to stick with his memory long after he leaves that


Just imagine going to the loo, only to find a human head
inside a toilet. Creepy and gross, right? We don’t understand who exactly is
the victim here— the ones who didn’t get to poop or the guy whose head is inside
the toilet?

coffin in the elevator

Halloween or not, these classic scary elevator pranks work
every season! But this particular prank took the elevator prank to a whole new
level. Filmed in Brazil, the coffin elevator scared the shit out of everyone

April Fools’ Day isn’t just about scaring your unsuspecting
sibling or pulling off the chair from beneath someone as they’re about to rest
their butt on it. Some brands and organizations also use this day as an
opportunity to trick their customers and create awareness.

Here’s what these popular brands have been doing this year:

launches new “creamy” skin care products

Pioneer of cheese-filled recipes, Velveeta decided to step
into a new venture on April Fools’ Day: Skin care.

The company released a video on social media to introduce it’s
new line of beauty products. “feel the magnificence of melty mousturization. Breath
in the bliss. The creaminess of Velveeta, now in skin care. V by Velveeta,” a
narrator announced in the company’s prank video.

with steak and lipsticks puns

Outback steakhouse also decided to try their luck in the
beauty industry, launching a new collection of lipsticks, or “Lipsteaks.”

smart bricks

On April Fools’ Day, LEGO teased a new product in the video,
which prevents parents from stepping on the Lego bricks and avoid getting hurt.
Well, we wished that it wasn’t a prank, but sadly it was!


Okay, we have got our winner!

Happy April Fools’ Day! We hope that you had fun at being
fooled, or at fooling someone else. It is a fun day, isn’t it? If you like this
blog, recommend it to people celebrate April Fool’s Day every year.  

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Updated April 1, 2021
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