America Is Spiraling into Destruction

  • POSTED ON: September 14, 2020

It’s been several
months since the pandemic began, and so far, US is amongst the leading
countries that have been combatting the Coronavirus poorly. There are more than
6.3 million confirmed cases and
confirmed deaths
. Every day the case count rises along
with the death toll.

Everyone has the same question on their mind: Why
is America unable to beat COVID-19
? Is it because of
Trump’s poor strategy? It’s no secret that the man knew about the virus and he
kept it hidden from his people so that everyone “remains calm”. Of course, no one kept calm!

The country seems
adamant on implementing the most poorly constructed strategies to tackle the
pandemic. It’s also finding new ways to stay unproductive and negatively impact
the economy – we all know that
York is going down
if it doesn’t get the fund

Source: The Guardian 

Americans have tried to
rely on their intuition. They’ve latched onto one false hope after the other –
praying for a way out of this awful pandemic. Blame and shame have been part
and parcel of the continuum, and somehow we’ve managed to keep the belief that
the world will go back to normal soon.

We’ve all followed our
instincts to guide us through this disaster. Doctors and scientists gave us a
web of solutions to help us navigate through the broken healthcare system.
Meanwhile, many conspiracy theories compelled us to debate whether or not it’s
necessary to wear masks or sanitize every 20 minutes. These theories gave birth
to second guessing, and many of us failed to follow basic SOPs needed to deal
with this catastrophic tragedy effectively.

Leaders lagged, too.
They’ve failed to create policies and continue to mislead the public. Instead
of gaining their trust, they pushed them aside and left them on their own.
Miscommunication, poorly developed strategies, and lack of comprehension have resulted
in a looming recession, economic collapse, and the death of millions.

Back in March, when the
virus had just started to spread, every leader of every nation was confused.
This was a once in a lifetime situation and nobody was equipped with a vision
or plan to solve it. However, we’re mid-way through September today, and most
countries have controlled the situation – with less than a 100 cases every day.
However, the United States of America – the Superpower, is still struggling.

Source: The Washington Post 

Policy makers told
everyone to stay at home in March. By April, face masks were fiercely imposed.
Remember when Trump told people to drink bleach? In August we were told that
the blood plasma of patients who survived the virus can be the cure. Basically,
every month has its flavor, and in September, it’s

Clearly, there’s a
problem as far as the attention span is concerned. Journalists are shifting
from one possibility to another as if they’re skimming through a complicated textbook.
Academicians need time to focus on their research variable. They have to adhere
to all scientific measures and test in isolation. These facts are not open to
public knowledge and that is precisely why their intrigue is giving in to the
conflated but useless ideas of prime time TV anchors.

But let’s not
completely defame them, because these people are doing their best to spread
awareness – after all, little protection is better than none at all. All these
speculations hold some merit.

Let’s talk about the
problematic take of our beloved government. From the get go, it suggested that
Coronavirus only causes mild symptoms, dismissing the
fact that its symptoms are diversified. Some people may have the immune system
to cope with it, but others may not – leading up to serious hospitalization and
often death.

During this time,
people were asked to stay at home. Now they were forced to make a decision:
either save lives or save the debilitating economy. This was actually quite a
foolish bargain – especially when the economists and scientists agreed that the
economy couldn’t be saved with the pandemic raging.

The word lockdown
itself has many questions attached. Is it necessary? Is it really effective?
Would it help in saving the

Source: Vox

term lockdown has done a lot of damage.”
– says Lindsay Wiley,
a professor of Public-health law.

For now it seems like
US has no plan. These daily cases will soon become ambient noise, poverty will
increase, and all signs of normalcy will be lost. What do we see in the near
future of America? The pandemic, changing climate, police brutality, and with
the schools reopening, school shootings as well! 

Updated September 14, 2020
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