‘Allen vs. Farrow’: Woody Allen Fans React to the HBO Documentary!

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  • POSTED ON: February 22, 2021

Allen vs. Farrow is a four-part docu-series which exposes the mystery surrounding the controversial life of Woody Allen. From pedophilic accusations to allegations of sexual assault – the docu-series attempts to piece together and stitch out his truth.

Directors Kirby Dick and Amy Zeiring have examined all the court documents, interviews, and footages acquired from the home of Mia Farrow. This includes the tapes of her daughter Dylan Farrow – who was seven at the time – as she recounts her experience of sexual assault at the hands of Allen.

The directors previously worked on the HBO Max documentary “On the Record”, which reviews the sexual assault allegations against Russell Simmons. The duo has come together once again to investigate another high profile case. The docu-series attempts to examine all the accusations Dylan has made against Woody Allen – both, as a child and adult. It also highlights the custody battle that got a bit vicious at one point.

Several revelations have been made in this latest documentary. It covers the scandal that sparked in 1992, where Woody Allen was accused of sexually abusing his 7-year-old daughter with Mia Farrow – an allegation he has continuously denied. Allen was not just accused of sexual abuse but also of inappropriate touching – the daughter it now 35 years old.

The case has been overly exhausted in the last 30 years. But what is interesting about this documentary is that the filmmakers have gotten access to 60 boxes of files that previously only knew the compounds of the lawyer’s office. In addition, the documentary covers an extensive footage by Mia Farrow as she shoots Dylan recalling her experience of sexual abuse.

All set to premier on Sunday at 9 PM, the docu-series also takes in Allen’s stance. His perspective has been shared through his audiobook narration of the 2020 memoir “Apropos of Nothing”.

Dylan is overwhelmed with fear, but she’s also exhausted and wants to set the record straight. In the opening sequence of the first episode, she says, “No matter what you think you know, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

Mia Farrow, who is now 76, says that the greatest mistake of her life was her relationship with Woody Allen. She feels responsible for bringing the man into her family and putting her daughter in a vulnerable position.

Mia found out about the assault on 5th August, 1992 and was shocked to her core upon discovering that it was all done at the attic OF Farrow’s Connecticut home. At the beginning of that year, the Farrow family was already shocked to discover that Allen was having an affair with her his adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, who was a college freshman at the time. The couple eventually married in 1997.

Look – Woody Allen may be an idolized filmmaker but he’s led a fairly controversial life. His life choices are unconventional, to put it decently. The man has conducted himself in the most bizarre and unfathomable fashion. So, it’s strange and appalling to find so many people still supporting and defending him – even if it’s just a fraction. Check out what Woody Allen fans have to say about the HBO Max documentary.

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The HBO documentary is daring and bold and the alleged abuse of Dylan Farrow has gotten everyone riled up and infuriated. Deep down, we all can understand how scared she must be of the consequences and the criticism that came along with the public accusation – Woody Allen is a powerful figure after all. Check out how fans react to HBO’s ‘Allen vs. Farrow’!


Updated February 22, 2021
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