A Rare Fire Tornado Haunts California!

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  • POSTED ON: August 17, 2020

The year 2020 is giving us one curveball after the other. From Earthquakes to a fatal pandemic, we’ve witnessed all the signs of the beginning of the end. Every time we feel that nothing can get worse than this… it does.

So after nearly dodging World War 3, what’s next in line?

Interestingly, the latest problem at hand is a firenado – a name given to a fire tornado by the meteorologist.

Aptly termed rare fire devil, a fire tornado is a whirlwind which is caused by fire and is composed of ash and flame. They usually begin with a lot of wind and become visible because of the smoke. However, the reason why they are born is intense heating – when it interlopes with turbulent wind conditions.

This natural disaster sets everything ablaze! It can go on for a hundred miles an hour and cause damage far beyond imagination.

So this fire tornado was dotted near a fire in California on Saturday. After it got spotted, the National Weather Service Office sent out a notice for a pyrocumulonimbus cloud which is normally shaped by the Loyalton Fire. The official warning said that this cloud could produce a fire-induced tornado. In addition to this, they warned about the winds outflow of more than 60 miles an hour. Haley Brink, a CNN meteorologist, has confirmed this news.

You may wonder what a pyrocumulonimbus cloud is. It is formed above the intense and continuously increasing heat, which is usually caused by a fire or a tornado. Like mentioned earlier, Fire tornados are developed due to the rising heat; hence the rotation vortex makes it dangerous.

Are fire tornados really that dangerous? Absolutely!

Fire tornados cause mayhem and they’re incredibly fatal! Back in 2018, a firefighter lost his life along with a bulldozer driver who was fighting the Carr Fire. After this story got developed, the National Weather Service researched the type of damage led by a firenado, and they found out that it was equal to an EF-3 tornado that comes with winds gushing at more than 230 km/h, i.e. 143 mp/h!

This is crazy!

The official workers of California, Colorado and Oregon were already busy fighting the series of wildfires which have together damaged around 100,000 acres. But that’s not even our primary concern right now. Considering our luck in 2020 and the scorching heat of California, these officials are worried that the heat may get worse and take over more of the US.
By Sunday, the Loyalton Fire had burned down approximately 20,000 acres, but it also controlled around 5% – which isn’t much, to be honest.

It’s safe to say that even our prayers are being ignored, but if you’ve managed to survive up till now, you must celebrate! And at the same time, stay tuned because we’re sure that the worst is yet to come!

Updated August 17, 2020
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