7 Incredible opportunities to make a difference on This Family Volunteer day

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Volunteers aren’t just
a bunch of people who serve others only to put the accomplishment down on their
resumes. They’re also forming life-long connections and building global relationships
that are valuable as well as productive. There’s no other way to assert that
volunteers are extremely dedicated and to quantify their output is not only
offensive but also impossible; they literally participate in the chain of kindness
that is the only force keeping us all together. 
They are responsible for spreading joy and compassion and it’s essential
that we recognize their experience and effort.

Source: Fortune 

Now, think of a
small-scale orphanage that is unable to hire a full-time staff to take care of
the abandoned children. Who do you think steps up and fills the gaps? It’s the
volunteers who invest their valuable time to act as extra hands and serve those
children with love and commitment. They teach people how to take care of
themselves and the ones around them.

We are all aware of the
significance of education and how it’s the foundation of success and
independence. By providing children and adults with essential physical and
mental tools, volunteers create communities around the world with foundational
education. These tools help them throughout their life, helping them stand on
their own two feet.

Volunteers are selfless,
as they extend support and unconditional love to people all over the world.
They help people when they’re at their lowest and most vulnerable stage of
life. When everyone abandons you, it’s the volunteers who rescue you.
Volunteers utilize their critical time in soup kitchens and rehabilitation
facilities, as they know that there are people out there who’re less fortunate
than them and it is their duty to give them a sense of direction and guide them
towards light.

Another important
contribution of volunteers around the work is that they foster community
development and success. We have numerous organizations that have generous
hearts but small wallets. If we didn’t have volunteers, their mission would
lack impact and inclusivity. Volunteers are enthusiastic and ever-so-willing to
make an impact and act as resources.

If you think that
volunteers only help children and try to defeat world hunger, you’re wrong.
Their work is far-wide and reaches every aspect of life. They also rehabilitate
wounded and/or endangered animals. They step up for the rights of the animal
kingdom and join hands with other organizations who’re working with endangered
animals globally. They offer food and water as well as maintenances, research,
and affection to animals. Volunteers try their level best to help animals go
back to the wild and get away from violent and life-threatening situations.

Volunteers basically
work towards making homes safer. In developing countries, communities rely
heavily on their work, as they create a cleaner water supply system and ensure
maintenance of buildings and monuments.

The truth of the matter
is that without volunteers, societies won’t be able to function. You can’t
imagine a life where volunteers simply don’t show up. Who would teach the
underprivileged (90% of the population)? Who is going to protect the rights of
children, animals, and disabled? Without their valuable contribution, life
would be difficult and almost unimaginable.

November is National Family Volunteer Day and just like every other year, we
share ways with you by which you can make an educational, cultural, and social impact
in the world. There are several opportunities that you can take part in as a
family. So, it is a humble request to focus on opportunities that serve
mankind. We’ve mentioned a few for you below:

Source: Mbango Foundation

Learn About Different Cultures

Diversity is a critical
subject today. We need to learn and educate ourselves about different cultures
so as to extend our support and reach out to people from every nook and corner
of the world. This is significant as it’ll help us become more inclusive,
helpful, and sensitive.

We don’t want to be yet
another Karen passing a tone-deaf comment about a neighbor who belongs to a
minority. The only way to ensure this is to read a lot of books from Black and
Asian authors and others. In fact, there’s a website called She Knows that has excellent
recommendations. There’s also Doing Good Together recommendations and a special
Green Card Youth Voices which is written by Area High School Students!

You can also watch documentaries
if you’re not much of a read. And if nothing else works, you can simply open
your eyes and get to know your surroundings – we suggest you start with your

Give Back!

Source: The Balanced Careers

What to give? You’ll be
wondering that you’re already struggling to make ends meet so how can you make
an amazing contribution? But the day you realize that money is not everything (or at
least, the only way to give back) you’ll understand the meaning of charity and
humanity. Start small and give according to your limits. Food, clothes, and
books – if they’re in good condition, try and give it to a homeless shelter.
You should always be on a lookout if your neighbors are in any sort of crisis.
If nothing else works, simply have goodwill and be a good samaritan.

You should especially
think of the abandoned during holiday season, as that’s when they feel most
lonely and rejected. Bring toys for children and spread kindness and love
around by bringing flowers, balloons, and holiday cards for them. You know what
else you can give back? Protection! Protect the victims from bullies and stand
for their rights without fearing the consequences.

Simply smile at a
strangers, recognize and praise effort, support medical and social research
organizations, reach out to refugees, and talk about mental health.


You don’t really need
to adopt children if you can’t take care of them. It’s natural to feel bad and
have the inclination to extend support. However, only take this responsibility
if you’re totally up for it and ready to give your 100% to the commitment
because these children have already been through enough and your attention must
not be diverted.

Source: Newsroom UCLA

In addition, there are
other ways you can offer support, like pay for their education and buy them
toys and books. Also, don’t ever neglect animals! Do you know, most of them are
put to sleep if they don’t find a home soon enough? There are hundreds and
thousands of services that are dedicating hours and hours of their life to give
shelter to unsheltered animals. Organizations like SecondHand Hounds, Midwest
Animal Rescue & Services, Animal Humane Society, and Minnesota Basset
Rescue are always looking for volunteers!

As far as children are
concerned, you can always look up Safe Families for Children and MN Foster Care
System in case you want to foster a child.


What is the purpose of
life? How do you find meaning in the mundane routine? It’s by serving
humankind! You don’t even need to have tons of money and other luxuries of life
to serve humanity. Simply make effort to write notes, pack food cans, bake
cookies for a local service, pick up trash from your neighborhood, clean the
beach on weekends, and volunteer to work in school libraries.


What do you do when
everything falls short? You pray. Pray for the community and the
underprivileged societies in the world.


We always talk about
effort. Well, it all begins with care. Think of others and notice their pain.
Take time out to give them solutions and empower them.

Buy Responsibly

How do you feel if you
fill your shopping cart with a bunch of useless things while others around you
have nothing as they lack resources? Terrible, right? So, simply be sensitive
and try to live a minimalist lifestyle by buying only what you need. It
protects resources and stops envy and jealousy, which only build negativity.

just say that without volunteers, the world would fail to function properly. Thus,
it’s not only great to appreciate their efforts but also serve as a helping
hand! Happy Family Volunteer Day 2020 or make a difference day 2020 to you!


Updated November 23, 2020
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