6 Signs Your Meal Isn’t Worth The Price Tag

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  • POSTED ON: October 21, 2020

Who doesn’t enjoy a good meal that isn’t heavy on the wallet? The pandemic has made us fall in love with the whole restaurant-going experience. Who doesn't like visiting new restaurants and experimenting with unfamiliar desserts or food? After our favorite food places reopened, we’ve been experiencing the atmosphere, music, and dinner quality far more enthusiastically.

But again, don’t get so carried away that you stop paying attention to the price list. You want to have a memorable experience but not at the cost of being almost robbed for a good steak. So, following are some ways through which you can identify if the price is too high:

It's on special

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If you go to a restaurant and ask them to bring you their specials without flipping through the menu… you’re doing it wrong. They’re actually not worth your money. Adding exotic terms and fancy cooking styles don’t guarantee the dish would come out tasty. 

The menu says, Kobe

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As you know, Kobe beef is one of the best cuts of beef in the world. So, have you ever wondered how your local restaurant can offer it so easily in their appetizers? Obviously, it’s not really from Japan! Next time, save those $50 bucks for something more valuable and real.

When you have to pay for every extra

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Really, what’s the deal with all these restaurants charging you for extras? Like, you select burgers because they’re economical, but if you have to pay for cheese, bacon, and guacamole as extras, then you’re better off ordering a fancy and expensive dish.

Your wine is the second-cheapest

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Restaurants are smart – they know that you won’t spend all your money on wine. So, they come up with the next best solution to charge you by calling it the ‘second-best wine’ on the menu. Now you’d be assuming that it’s worth the money and not that expensive, to begin with, but boy, are you being played! 

It's from a college cafeteria

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First of all, college food sucks, so whatever you eat there is going to be of mediocre at best. Now here’s a fact: in the last decade, the cost of dining plans has increased to an average of 47% whereas the cost of food stands at 20%. Now, do you see where all your money is going? Definitely not on improving the quality of food! Drop the idea now!

The dish is obscenely expensive

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Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Did you notice how ridiculously expensive some of the dishes are? Can you imagine having a burger for$350? We can’t! No matter how great a quality they promise.


Updated October 21, 2020
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