4 Most Horrific Tinder Murder Stories That Will Leave You Petrified!

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  • POSTED ON: April 8, 2021

Let’s face we all have our fair share of bad experiences with dating. From farting at the dinner table to being asked for marriage straight away, tinder dates can be wild! But these Tinder murder stories will make even your worst swiping experiences look like a joke.

Obviously, meeting a stranger through a dating app can be unbelievably awkward, it’s like going in blind not knowing who is actually waiting for you. The love of your life or a serial killer?

While dating apps can be an amazing source of connecting with new people and discovering love in the process, there are times when this app has been used by serial killers for hunting down their next victims. According to Statista, with over six million monthly downloads in January 2021, Tinder ranks as the most downloaded dating application in the world. With so many users, there are bound to be stories of people getting killed after meeting someone through dating apps.

And that made us believe that for every romantic tales someone has regarding online dating, there just as many murder stories. Well, of course, not every single person you meet on tinder will turn out to be a creep, there are some genuine love-seekers who actually use this app in hope for a serious relationship. If you’re using one, don’t lose hope, you will find someone! (We know, you will!)

If nothing else, these stories will at least warn you how careful one has to be while exploring the online world of dating. Anyways, without further ado, let’s get right into the stories:

A serial killer who used Tinder to meet his victims

Danueal Drayton was suspected of raping and murdering a 29-year-old woman named Samantha Stewart, whom he met on Tinder. A nurse from Queens, New York, the woman was found dead in a hotel room of Los Angeles, where the guy was holding her captive after sexually assaulting her.

Further investigations revealed that Drayton was connected to a series of Tinder and uber-related rape cases and murders. He once raped and choked a woman to death after a Tinder date. Later, Drayton confessed to have murdered at least six more women he had matched with on the dating app. It’s unclear, though, whether his confession was true or not.

A 26-year-old girl found dead after her Tinder date

Warriena Wright from Wellington, New Zealand met a guy on Tinder named Gable Tostee. The two went on a date, followed by a one-night stand at Tostee’s apartment. In a socking turn of events, the two got into an intense argument, which lead Tostee to lose his cool and allegedly ended up choking Wright to death. According to other accounts, Wright was trying to escape from the balcony but fell off to her death.

A girl stabbed her Tinder date after discovering he had a girl friend

Alana Rose Jones, a 26-year-old woman from Brisbane, Australia matched with a guy on Tinder. The two decided to meet at a bar, and later went to Jone’s place. The two spent quality time together, after which he fell off to sleep.

While he was asleep, the guy’s phone got a text notification from his girlfriend asking where he was. Jones saw that message and decided to call the woman back to inquire who she really is. She informed his girl fiend that the two had just spent a night together. When the guy woke up, enraged Jone picked up a kitchen knife and began stabbing him brutally, forcing him to get out of her house. Fortunately, the man survived the injuries.

A guy beat his girl fiend to death after discovering that she’s been using Tinder

Jordan Matthews, a 23 year-old woman from Cardiff, United Kingdom was killed by her boyfriend on a misunderstanding that she had been using Tinder.  In August 2017, the couple was on their date when Mathews glanced at her phone, discovering a notification of what he believed it from a guy named Ben from Tinder. The two had a pretty intense argument, which eventually turned into physical violence. Mathew started beating Bi brutally, breaking her several ribs and jaws and eventually killing her.

Police officers later found that the Bi didn’t even have the application her mobile phone.

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Updated April 8, 2021
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