30 Biggest Royal Family PR Scandals of all Time / the dark secrets of the British royal family

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  • POSTED ON: March 19, 2021

If you thought that the latest Meghan Markle interview with Oprah was the most scandalous moment inRoyal history, continue reading this blog as you’re in for a surprise.

Without stretching this blog unnecessarily, we’ll get to the point and mention the 30 biggest family PR scandals and dark secrets of the Royal family.

The Time King Edward VIII Gave Up the Throne to Marry For Love

Edward VIII would be remembered as the man who left his kingdom to marry the love of his life. Why was this marriage such an issue? Well, she was a two-time divorcee and an American socialite. When Edward proposed, it led to a political uproar and the Church of England opposed it dramatically. Anyway, that changed the fate of England history, so it had to be number one the list.

The Time We Found out Edward VIII was friends with Adolf Hitler

The Crown has already confirmed this “rumor”: Edward VIII and his wife, Wallis Simpson were affiliates of Adolf Hitler. Hence, to acquire a particular document from the German, support of Edward VII was required. And shockingly, he refused to indulge in any such plan.

The Time Prince Charles drank a cherry brandy

Prince Charles has always been a controversial figure in the Royal family. Apparently, he had ordered a cherry brandy at a pub in a village of Stornoway Harbor, which became a major news at the time as a reporter caught him.

The time Prince Harry spent one day in rehab

Prince Harry admitted to his father that he had tried marijuana and participated in underage drinking, after which he was sent to spend a day at a drug rehabilitation center. The idea was to teach him about the consequences so that he stops before things get worse.

The time Harry was photographed in a Nazi costume

Harry might come on this list more than once, but it’s usually because he has never had a great relationship with the British press. Anyway, we’ll get to the point and confirm that Prince Harry was spotted at a costume party in which he wore a Nazi armband. After the picture got viral, the Clarence House released a statement.

The time Prince Harry got caught naked

When Prince Harry had returned from Afghanistan (he was serving for the British Army) he was caught in a vulnerable position.

After the picture was leaked, he released a statement: “At the end of the day I probably let myself down, I let my family down, I let other people down. But it was probably a classic example of me probably being too much army, and not enough prince. It’s a simple case of that.”

The Time Princess Margaret fell in love with a married man

If you thought that the crown is above all, then you should know that several family members prioritized love and went against the crown to claim it. After Edward VIII, Princess Margaret fell in love with someone who the crown opposed:a married Royal Air Force Captain, Peter Townsend.

The Time Princess Margaret's divorce was very public

When Princess Margaret was made to cut ties with her married lover, she established strings with a photographer named Antony Armstrong-Jones. The marriage didn’t last too long and, by 1976, the Palace announced the split officially. She carried on with her duties and was often accompanied by Lord Snowdon.

The time Princess Anne fell in love with a royal staff member

Love is basically prohibited in the royal family - Princess Anne was apparently also scarred because of that. She may have married the Olympic equestrian Mark Phillips, but it was never a happy marriage. After her public divorce, she fell in love with Timothy Laurence, the British Naval officer who was a Royal staff member.

The time Captain Mark Phillips had a lovechild

Imagine what would have happened when the lovechild scandal got out in a palace that prohibits love itself? It was like all hell broke loose! Captain Mark Phillip had a one-night stand with someone while he was still married to Princess Anne. The woman ended up getting pregnant and is now the half-sister of Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips.

The time Mark Phillips said he was dating a woman 28 years younger

If you’ve not yet gotten it, then let us spell it out for you: Captain Mark Phillips was a problematic man. In 2021, he confirmed that he was seeing a woman who was 28 years younger to him. He also said that breaking this news to his daughter was not easy.

The time Prince Charles dated Princess Diana’s sister before her

This rumor was also confirmed in the latest season of the crown - Prince Charles dated Princess Diana’s sister at one time. The romance was like a quick summer fling that was never meant to last.

The time Princess Diana revealed her self-harm incident

It was truly heartbreaking to see the people’s princess be treated so poorly by the palace. She once revealed in an interview that she threw herself down the stairs while she was pregnant just to get the attention of her husband, Prince Charles.

The time Princess Diana’s affair phone call was leaked

When Princess Diana and Prince Charles had split officially (they hadn’t divorced yet), The Sun had released a transcript of a recorded call between Diana and her boyfriend at the time. This became controversial, because the event is now remembered as Squidgygate.

The time Princess Diana and Prince Charles got divorced

You saw it coming, didn’t you? Princess Diana had already spoken about her struggle with an eating disorder and postpartum depression. Charles and Camilla’s affair had also come to attention by now and, despite it all, the news of the divorce broke— something the crown had not expected.

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One thing is for sure; the British royal family history is messed up. It’s insane that Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II and reigned for so many years despite the controversies and scandals.

Updated March 19, 2021
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