21 Sweet Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

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  • POSTED ON: February 10, 2021

Have you been thinking about proposing to the love of your life (Valentine’s day proposals)? What’s a better day to commit to eternal love than on the day that celebrates the sentiment? We bet this is going to be different than proposing on Christmas!

This Valentine’s Day makes sure you go ahead and confess your feelings to your partner and make it official. The proposal, however, needs to be perfect. It’s something your special lady has been looking forward to all her life. You have to give it your all.

Here are some sweet Valentine’s Day proposal ideas to inspire you.

1. Go Cliché

If your partner is a lover of classic movies, then trust us they’ll be a sucker for a cliché proposal. Go with a large box of chocolates with a dozen red roses and a stuffed animal. Tell your partner how you feel before you take out the engagement ring and pop the question.

2. Do it On Stage

Is your lover a theatre enthusiast? If they love performances, drama, and plays, their notion of the perfect proposal could be on stage. Take your partner out on a romantic date night and end it with a play at night. Only it wouldn’t be an end to the night, only the beginning. Jump up on stage and pop the question.

3. On The Radio

Some people listen to the radio first thing in the morning. If your partner does the same, then you can consider calling their favorite show, dedicating a song to them, and then asking the big question.

4. First Date

Take them where you had your first date. Re-create the special day and instead of saying goodbye at night with a sweet kiss, ask them to marry you and have dates with you forever.

5. Photo Proposal

Create a photo album with the pictures of all your favorite memories together. On the last page of the album, write ‘Will You Marry Me’ in bold letters. This will bring tears to your love’s eyes.

6. Hot Air Balloon

If your partner has an adventurous spirit, then they’ll love a proposal in a hot air balloon flying high in the sky.

7. Re-Create A Classic Proposal

Do you guys have a favorite classic movie? Re-create the sweet proposal from that movie.

8. Flash Mob

Involve friends and family in your marriage proposal and make it an event. Stream it online, so others can join as well.

9. With A Puzzle

Have your partner assemble a jigsaw puzzle that will spell out ‘Will You Marry Me’ when completed.

10. Spa Day

Arrange a spa day on Valentine’s Day, so you can both relax. When the day’s coming to an end, pop the question and promise your lady a stress-free life.

11. At Home

If your partner is most comfortable at home, then plan the big proposal on Valentine’s Day at home only. Make a meal for them and ask if they’re willing to marry you.

12. Movie Night

Profess your love for your partner as the main character in the movie does it for their partner. Make the movie night a memorable one.

13. Ice Skating

Pretend to fall while skating. Once you’re on your knees in front of your partner, pop the question.

14. Valentine’s Day Getaway

Book a hotel room or go on a road trip on 14th February. It’ll just be the two of you so you can ask the question whenever it feels most natural.

15. Surprise Party

Throw a surprise party for your partner with friends and family and ask your partner to marry you when they’re having a good time.

16. Balloons

Fill up a room with red heart balloons and candles and ask your partner the big question.

17. In the Morning

Pop the question first thing in the morning with some breakfast in bed.

18. The First Place You Kissed

Take your partner to the first place you shared a kiss, but this time you’ll also be asking them to marry you.

19. Outside Their Window

Do a fairy tale slash 80s romantic movie move and stand outside your partner’s window with a ring in your hand. Throw pebbles at the glass to get their attention.

20. While Taking a Photo

Ask someone to take your photo with your partner. As you guys get into a pose, whisper the question in your partner’s ear. Take a photo of that exact moment.

21. With a Book

Highlight the words ‘Will You Marry Me’ in your partner’s favorite romance novel. And hide a ring inside it.

With these amazing ideas, you can cook up a proposal for your partner that will sweep them off their feet. We wish you all the best with your romantic confession and hope that you return to our website as an engaged person. Let us know how your proposal went on our Facebook page.

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Updated February 10, 2021
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