15 Creative and Proven Ways to Mint Money during Lockdown and Election!

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  • POSTED ON: November 4, 2020

With the continuing surge in Coronavirus cases and another lockdown looming over our heads, we all must explore quick ways to keep our incomes rolling.



The last lockdown hit the economy poorly, but this time, you can hold on to the following ways to not only continue your income but also supplement it. With the following ideas, you can protect the main or parental income, and start aside income or a brand new career altogether:

Get Paid To Write Online



Are you someone who always wanted to write and had a passion for it but the idea just didn’t seem reasonable? Well, now is the time to try all your options, especially your passions. Look for writing jobs online and earn a good income with ease!

You only need to focus on two things: quality and relevance. Listicles usually pay you up to $100 per article and if you write a long read, you can earn somewhere between $500 and $1500.

Become a Virtual Assistant


Do you think you’re a good communicator? Do you like to stay organized and digitally aware? If yes, then you’ll be a good fit for a virtual assistant. All you need it to write with the speed of light and work well remotely (hello, lockdown!)


You can also look at this job as a long-term option among other work opportunities as it pays well and is reliable.

Declutter and Sell


Are you a hoarder? Well, now is the time to let go of all the things that are useless for you. Dig deep into your closet, leave the skeletons, and take out the unpacked and untouched clothing items and jewelry pieces that you haven’t/hardly used. You can even sell furniture or kitchen utensils! All you need to do is take good pictures and find reliable places to sell online, like eBay and Amazon. 

Get Crafty


Are you into arts and crafts? Do you consider yourself creative? Well, don’t think of this hobby as too cheap but make an income out of it! If you can make your own jewelry or you know how to simply recycle things and make them look brand new, you’re going to rule websites like Etsy! Sell your crafts and make a profit.

Fill Out Surveys


So you don’t want to make any investments, but you need to earn money to tackle future expenses? Well, you can make a few bucks by filling surveys online! This is super quick and convenient – you can even do this while watching Netflix! The reward, of course, depends from survey to survey.

Rent Out Your Driveway



If you live in a busy city and you somehow are left with extra space in the driveway, make money out of it! Charge your neighbors for additional parking. You can search online for the current rates and charge accordingly.

Rent Out Your Car



If the public transport in your area is cheap, you can actually rent your car to a friend or neighbor and make side money. In fact, there are some websites that pay you a handsome amount for renting your car.

Try Online Tutoring



Colleges and schools have closed, making the lives of parents even more challenging. Obviously, when they have more than two children, they can’t manage it all on their own. Thus, they look for online tutors for their school-going children. Benefit from this opportunity, and teach then unique lessons online. You can offer traditional courses or unconventional courses like music and art.

Sell Your Photographs



Do you have a collection of photographs that are worth selling? Are you a closeted photographer? You do realize that you can make a business out of this skill, right? Well, start uploading your art online, and watch art lovers grab your stuff in a matter of days!

Get Paid To Test Websites



So many companies look for users to test their websites and leave reviews! To make their services more customer-friendly, they first pay commoners to test how their website runs and whether or not it is easy to navigate. All they need is your experience and review. Obviously, this can’t be a business, but it’s a reasonable side income if you’re a student.

Start a Blog or Website



You can start your own blog today, bring traffic, and then earn thousands via affiliate marketing and advertising! This has become a new-age method of making money!

Become a Clickworker



Clickworker is a unique website that offers gigs that you can easily get done at home. You can even earn upto $10 an hour. These tasks are really easy, like you may have to categorize an audio recording!

Get Paid For Your Music Opinions



This is an easy one! If you have opinions, make sure that you make them loud and readable! Listen to music and write your reviews! The rates depend from gig to gig..

Become a Dog Walker



What was Kendall Jenner’s first job? She was a dog walker! Yea, so no one is promising a modeling career after this, but hey, you can make a few extra bucks by walking your neighbor’s dog!

Take Part in Psychological Experiments



Finally, if you’re a nerd like us, you should make money by participating in psychological experiments. You not only get to learn more about yourself, but you also make a reasonable income with this. Of course, not every experiment is like Zimbardo’s experiment, so relax.


So which of the 15 amazing ways are you trying next to make money?  

Updated November 4, 2020
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