12 New Year Eve Outfits and Ideas That Will Have You Celebrating 2021 in Style

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  • POSTED ON: December 22, 2020

New Year's Eve Outfits to slay in style!

The year 2020 is about to end and it’s safe to say that we’re glad that it’s over. Honestly, the year was a disaster as far as the fashion scene is concerned. Think about it – most of the fashions shows were cancelled and there weren’t many red carpet events either.

Honestly, facemasks ruined it for us. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we spent most of our time wearing pajamas and t-shirts at home. But look, if you’re a fashion geek like us, you must have found a way to make facemasks trendy. Like, a good cat-eye coupled with braided hair can never go wrong, can it?

In many countries, Christmas is cancelled. There aren’t going to be any public celebrations as such – so naturally, we’ve got our hopes high for the New Year’s Eve. We’re hoping to end the year on a high-fashion mode though.

And we have New Year Eve outfits and ideas for everyone, every size and color. We know exactly how you can make this day festive and full of glamour. And keeping all preferences in mind, we’re going to make sure that you get no obligations to wear uncomfortably long heels.

Check out our 12 New Year Eve outfit ideas!

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Stay Neutral

If you want to give off a vibe that says you’re excited about the coming year but still managing hopes, you must go neutral this New Year’s Eve. Hence, wear earth-tones and pair it up with nice and dusty pants. You can match it with your favorite blazer to look smart but casual.


If you’re lazy but you still want to look fashionable, go for jumpsuits! Jumpsuits re effortless and by accessorizing them right you can actually make a bold statement. Make sure you pair it up with a distinguished belt and nice pumps.


Of course, celebrations will be toned down this year due to the on-going pandemic. We’ve got to be careful and still follow the SOPs. So, if you plan on staying low-key this year, go for an athletic look. Wear celebrity-approved sportswear or casual sweatpants with a bright tucked-in sweatshirt. You can pair the outfit with a bottle of wine, if you know what we mean.

Something Sleek

Look, there’s no judgment if you’re planning on throwing a big bash this year because we’ve had it. It’s been a challenging year and we all deserve to enjoy one night off free from all the worries and restrictions. The only way to party like there’s no tomorrow is to put on a sleek mini dress and pair it up with knee-high boots. Stay low on accessories, though.


Literally every fashion influencer is obsessed with monochromes. If you wish to look comfortable but cute, go for this idea! In fact, we’d say that this idea is appropriate for official parties and meetings too. You can layer a t-shirt or a turtleneck with a nice furry coat to bring on the oomph.

Sparkle and Shine

Look, there’s no rule that says you can’t be sparkly and glitzy on New Year’s Eve. So sparkle with confidence and exude positive energy with a glamorous gown. Wear it to your rooftop party if you have to!

Throw It Back

2020 sure made us reminisce the good old days. We did find ourselves thinking about the 90s when we were just kids hanging in the pool in our backyard with Britney spears playing in the background and the sun shining brightly on us. You can give it a throwback by pairing your favorite oversized sweatshirt with a baggy or boot-cut jeans. You can even weak a tank top with a flannel on top as a layer.

Go Big

Despite the mental trauma, the year was pretty much comfortable and cozy. We were all confined to our homes and spent the days wearing oversized t-shirts and shorts. But New Years is the time to be joyous and go a bit extra – so put on your mask and pair it up with a baggy shirt and skinny jeans.

Poofy and Puffy

There were no fashion faux pas this year, no rules and no inhibitions. People wore whatever they pleased and no judgment was made. So give your first birthday a throwback and wear all things puffy and poofy. Add a glittered headband and high heels to the look to make it a little more festive.

Cozy yet Classic

How about a sweater dress and a pair of strappy sandals? Sounds good, right? You can even put on a chunky belt to take the outfit up a notch. In fact, add on a nice pair of earrings and pull your hair up… the styling tactics are endless!

A Little Bit of Leather

Leather pants can go wrong only if you wear them during heated summers like Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The idea is to invest in a nice pair of leather pants that last long and fit well. Fur and leather are a great combination if you listen to us.


The year’s been terrible and we’ve spend most of it in leggings, so why should you wear the same outfit on this occasion? Well, why not? End the year on a funny note and wear comfortable leggings with a crop top and denim jacket. Add some earrings or a statement necklace, who cares?

Here’s hoping you find the New Year Eve outfit and ideas inspirational as everybody worries what to wear on the special day. We certainly do hope that you plan on celebrating 2021 in style.

Do let us know if you’re celebrating 2021 with our New Year’s Eve outfits and NYE fashion trend? Do share a slayin’ photo of yourself with us!


Updated December 22, 2020
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