10 Ways to Respond to ‘I Love You’ Without Saying It Back

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  • POSTED ON: January 29, 2021

you remember when Rory Gilmore and Dean were dating for roughly six weeks and
he dropped the bomb? Do you remember how she responded and, oh boy, his
dramatic and over-the-top reaction? Yeah, they broke up because he was too dumb
to realize that they were just kids and only dating each other for five weeks.

of all, it was irresponsible of him to even utter those words out at 16, like
focus on school. But anyway, love’s dumb and nothing can help you when you’re
dumb in love.

here’s what we’ve learnt. Rory didn’t have a response which ended up breaking
Dean’s sensitive little heart. They eventually got back together because they
truly had a connection.

you must be wondering what the point is. Well, the point is figuring out a
smooth way to respond to the three heavy words.

are times, especially in adult relationships, when you develop a strong
connection with someone but you’re just not sure if it’s love. And before
committing to something so big, it’s important that you choose your words

if you feel like you have feelings for the person but it’s just the giddy spur
of the moment kind of a thing? And you know what; let’s not judge someone just
because they’ve decided to be vulnerable in front of you.

Day is coming and you might find yourself in such a scenario and so it’s
important that you stay prepared. What’s the right way to respond to “I love

first dismiss one question: Is it okay to not say it back? Yes! It’s totally
fine and if someone finds it to be a problem, explain to them your feelings and
don’t let them pressurize you into saying it back because that’s just

so here are the top ten ways to respond to the three heavy words.

Thank you.

it or not, if you say “thank you” a mature person would understand that it’s
either too early in the relation or that you’re just not that into them. And
like we said, a mature person will take it well. So, take the first cue and
abort mission.

I love it when
you say cute things like that.

not everything is dull and the sky can be pink at times. So, if you’re into
someone but you’re simply shy to say it back, you can tell them this. It’s not
rude and they’ll understand your feelings from the red glow on your cheeks

Who me? You love
a neurotic person?

is a great way to divert the topic and dissuade the person from coming out too
strong. Also, it will give you some time to think of a better response. But
hey, something is better than nothing. Silence will only worsen the situation.

I think you’re
pretty awesome, too.

is a great way to tell someone that you like them but you’ve not reached that
stage in a relationship yet. Smooth and not cheesy at all!

I love U2 but
Bono is overrated.

we’re kind of a fan of this one – classic game of word twisting! This will not
only make the person laugh out loud but it will lighten up the room.

How do you know
for sure?

is a great bouncer to remove the spotlight from yourself and put it on the one
who is professing the love. Their answers will give you clarity as well.

Hug the Person

if you’re also into the person, don’t say anything and simply embrace them.
Sometimes, gestures speak louder than words.

It’s nice to know
how you feel about me

if someone tells you that they love you, you have to feel something. Most
people feel the pressure while others feel boosted. So, just it as it is.

I feel so lucky
to be with you.

you’re also in love with them then its time you tell them the truth. Not just
the fact that you love them but also how lucky you feel to spend time with

Tell them the

there’s no better way to do this, but if you’re not into them, just admit the
truth. Don’t lead them on – it’s not fair to them.

you said “I love you” to anyone? How did it go for you? Do let us know in the
comments below maybe it will help the readers of Hayvine who’re looking for a
clever response!

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Hope you liked our 10 ways to respond to I
love you without saying “I love you too”. Its 2021, we’re way past the
traditional “I promise to love you back” response, anyway!



Updated January 29, 2021
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