10 Meaningful Ways To Celebrate Veterans Day

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“We don’t know them all, but we owe them all.”

The signing of the armistice in 1918 to end the
Great War (World War 1) on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the
eleventh month has a great significance in the history of the US as armistice day.

After a year, this day was declared as the day of
Armistice Day to celebrate and honor the brave soldiers of the war who returned home
alive, applauded and honored with speeches by politicians. It was later made a
national holiday in 1938 and in 1971, President Nixon renamed it Veterans Day
in honor of all the heroes of the war.

This day is special for those whose family members
have once served in the frontline and survived. Veterans Day is the perfect day
to honor their services and show your utmost respect for them. Don’t confuse it
with “Memorial Day”, though, because that’s the day we honor and remember those
who’ve died in the service.

So, if you’re thinking of how to celebrate this
special day, apart from BBQing with friends and drinking with your buddies,
we’ve got 10 ways to make this holiday more meaningful:

VOTE for
those who advocate for military rights and support veterans

November Elections Day comes right before Veteran
Day, allowing every eligible voter a chance to vote for veterans and active
military officers. Before voting, make sure to research all the candidates,
their plans, and how they would benefit the livelihoods of our existing and
former service members.

This way, you’re making sure that the veterans
have your respect and support all year long.

the Veterans Day Parade

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There’s no better way to show your support and
respect to veterans by attending your local community Veterans Day parade. Many
communities hold veterans’ parades every year to show respect to the brave men
and women of the country, and give them the recognition and appreciation they

Showing up to these parades is a good way to remind
them that their violent past and sacrifices have not gone in vain and will
always be remembered.

museums and memorials

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There are many memorials and museums that are set
up all across the country to honor the sacrifices, courage, and services of our
men and women in uniform. You can visit the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor in
Hawaii or to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C to learn about the
military history, brutalities of war, and the courage of the warriors who
served at the front line.

Send care
packages to the deployed officers

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One way to show your respect and support to the
current military members is to send them care packages abroad where they are
deployed. They will be overwhelmed to get a package from their home country
which can help to lift their spirits. You can pack up some goodies and stuff
such as snacks, clothing items, hygiene products, DVDs and anything
entertaining so that they don’t feel alone far away from home.

If you don’t have time to pack things by yourself,
don’t worry! You can give funds to the organizations who’re working for the
same purpose such as Operation Gratitude, Support Our Troops, and many more.

your veteran family members and anyone in your community

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While appreciating a vet is a good way to
celebrate Veterans Day, spending time with them and listening to their stories
is even better! Reach out to the veteran in your family or visit anyone from
your community and spend some quality time with them.

You’ll learn a lot from them, believe us! Don’t
forget to take some snacks or goodies with you while visiting them.

Volunteer or
donate to Veteran support Organizations

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Another meaningful way to celebrate Veteran Day
is to donate or volunteer at different veteran support organizations. There are
many non-profit organizations such as the USO (United Service Organization),
Blue Star Families, Fisher House, National Military Family Association, DAV
(Disabled American Veterans); they are all working to help all the existing and
former service members. Make yourself useful by volunteering or donating to
these NGOs.

Talking your
kids about military history and war

One way to make sure that the next generation is
equally respectful towards the brave men and women of the military is to teach
them. This Veteran Day, teach your children the history of war, different
branches of the military, biggest achievements and everything related to the
military. You can also take your wards to a vet in your community, and let them
listen to the history first-hand from the former service man/woman.

Place flags
or flowers on Veterans’ graves

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They may have left us, but their legacy lives on!
Visit the cemeteries and offer your respect by placing American flags at the
Veterans’ graves. Placing a little flag at their tombstone while gently
brushing off the areas so other visitors can also pay their respects to the
fallen heroes of our country.

historical war movies

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Movies are a great source of both entertainment
and education. By watching war movies, you’ll learn a lot about military
history and to know how difficult a time war would have been, especially for
the participants.

Movies like “Saving Private Ryan,” “Pearl Harbor,”
“American Sniper” and more help you understand the sacrifices our service
members have made during wartime. Don’t forget to check the film ratings on
IMDB, as most of the war movies are too traumatic and not suitable for young

“Thank You” letters to the veterans in your community

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Sending thank you letters personally is one way to
show your respect to former military service men and women. They will be
overwhelmed upon receiving hundreds of thank you letters in their mailbox.

Happy Veteran Day! Also, do check out some of the best Veteran party ideas to celebrate this day in full swing!


Updated October 28, 2020
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