Grand Canyon is Hosting a Virtual Stargazing Event

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  • POSTED ON: June 19, 2020

The Grand Canyon National Park and Grand Canyon Conservancy have a legacy of hosting week-long stargazing affairs that are attended by thousands of visitors. However, after thirty years, the organization was forced to move their event online just like thousands of other businesses in the world.

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So you wouldn't be able to watch the stars in real life but since the event is virtual, you can still stream the live video. From Saturday, June 20th, the Grand Canyon will start posting two live videos to its official Facebook page for all the viewers. A panel of astronomers will be there to guide you through the experience as part of the park’s Star Party Speaker Series and then you will be able to stargaze.


“Typically we get thousands of visitors, but with the COVID situation as it is right now, we’re excited for this opportunity to still be able to have the star party virtually,” Grand Canyon National Park spokesperson Joelle Baird said, according to The Spectrum.

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The panel of experts will also take live questions during the event while developing “real-time astrophotographs before your eyes of galaxies, nebulae, globular clusters, asterism, and much more”.


The telescopes used by the astronomers will contain video cameras so you can stare into the galaxy longer and in real-time with the team.


The live stream will begin at 6 pm PDT and 7 PM PDT and will include presentations from astrophysicist Dr, Amber Straughn, and night sky photographer Shreenivasan Manievannan.

Updated June 19, 2020
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