China Has Successfully Launched The Interplanetary Mission To Mars

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: July 24, 2020

It seems like every
country is upping its game and setting a benchmark in terms of space
inventories. The latest news is that China has successfully launched its first-ever interplanetary mission to Mars. With this exceptional launch starts a
seven-month-long journey through deep space. China would become the second
country ever to land and operate on the Red Planet – The Martian Surface.

China’s mission is
comprised of a Martian orbiter called Lander, Tianwen-1, and rover. This trio
launched on top of the Long March 5 – China’s most powerful rockets, from
Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site on July 23rd. For this vehicle, this
launch was the fourth venture ever.

The plan after reaching
the Red Planet is simple: study the geology of Mars and investigate the
composites lurking underneath the surface of the Planet. The tasks are divided
between this trio perfectly – the lander and rover are supposed to take a
plunge down to the surface of Mars while Orbiter is supposed to map out images
from above.

So far, the United States
is the only country to successfully set robotic foot on Mars and explore the
surface. In comparison, no other country has ever been able to land anything on
the Red Planet. Europe has attempted and failed twice. The Soviet Union’s
spacecraft did manage to land on Mars back in 1971 but the communication interrupted in a matter of 20 seconds.  Hence,
if China manages to pull this off, it will find itself turn into an elite
member of the space community – because so far only NASA has been able to
accomplish this feat successfully.

As mentioned above,
many countries are trying to set it’s foot successfully in space. United Arab
Emirates, too, launched its first-ever interplanetary mission a couple of days
ago. It sent an orbiter called Hope to Mars and the mission is to investigate
further on the planet’s weather. The next flight to Mars is slated for 30th
July of NASA. It has designed a rover called Perseverance which will head
towards the Red Planet and find out whether or not there is any sign of life.


Updated July 24, 2020
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