Privacy Notice

1. Sensitive Personal Information

  • Summary – Sensitive Information

    We don’t support the collection of your sensitive personal data. When absolutely necessary, the processing of
    your confidential information is for legitimate purposes only. Hence, it is done in accordance with the
    pertinent law. The services do not cater to children.

    We don’t gather or assemble personal information regarding your race, ethnicity, religious ideologies, philosophical beliefs, political opinions, physical or mental health, sexual life, trade union memberships, actual or alleged criminal penalties, or any other form of information that could potentially be deemed as sensitive under GDPR in the regular course of our business. If mandatory, we follow the subsequent legal basis to process sensitive personal information under GDPR.

    • Acquiescence with the relevant law:

      We may proceed with your sensitive personal data if the law permits us.

    • Detection and obstruction of crime:

      We may process your information if we suspect any malicious activity. Hence, to detect and prevent fraud or any other criminal activity, your sensitive personal information can be processed.

    • Establishment, practice or defense of legal rights:

      Your sensitive personal information can be processed to establish, practice and/or to defend legal rights.

    • Consent

      We may process your sensitive personal information if we have already acquired your trust. Thus, we process your information after formally acquiring your consent.

      Our services are especially not to be approached by children below the age of 13. We don’t intend to work with children. Hence, children are requested to not share their personal information on our public domains, forums or chats. Minors (children under the age of 18) are not allowed to optimize from our services. Furthermore, they’re not permitted to acquire coupons or codes to purchase our goods from third parties. Serious consequences will occur if any child below the age of 13 shares personal information on any of our platforms. They might receive unsolicited messages from third parties. Upon identification, we will immediately delete/remove personal information sent by minors.

2. Data Accuracy

Summary – Data Accuracy

We follow every protocol and strict measure to ensure that your user information remains correct, verified and up-to-date. If any error or imprecision is detected, it is promptly amended or revised.

We take judicious steps to ensure that your sensitive personal information is kept up-to-date and accurate before being processed. If at any time you report an inaccuracy in your sensitive personal information, rational steps will be taken to ensure that information stands erased or rectified.

3. Data Minimization

Summary – Data Minimization

If necessary, we follow all critical protocols to limit the volume of your user information before we process it.

We follow every mandatory step to minimize the volume of your user information before processing it. This action is set out in this policy to ensure secure access to the services.

4. How we collect or create information

  • Summary – Collection and Creation of Information

    We may acquire user information about you through the following means: straight away from you (e.g., where and how you contact us); through the duration of our relationship (e.g., when you attain our services); if you choose to make your information public (e.g., if you’ve made our association public on social media). We also collect information when you download or install any of our services. Additionally, you permit us to collect your information when you register to utilize or pay a visit to any of our services. If you interact with a third party content or advertising on our service, you allow us to collect your information. We also receive information about users from third parties (e.g., social media) and we create information to maintain records. Hayvine holds no power over the information you choose to reveal on public platforms of the services. This is to clarify that this policy doesn’t cover the practices carried by third parties which may reveal information about you to Hayvine.

  • Collection of User Information: We collect user information from the subsequent sources.
    • Data You Provide: We may collect user information when you subscribe to our newsletters, bulletins, webinars or white paper. We also obtain user information from where you sign up for emails. In addition to this, when you register for site membership or create a profile on any of our services, we gather data. Users are also to be informed that their information is collected when they account on any part of our service. These activities include entering competitions, contests or prize draw; receiving promotional information about the services via SMS text message; participation in surveys; subscription to services; purchasing license or product or when the user willing provides us with their business card, etc.
    • Relationship data: We collect user information throughout the regular course of our relationship with you. For example, when you buy our services.
    • Data You Make Public: We may also access and store information that you willingly share on public platforms. Thus, we may gather the information that you’ve made public on your social media profile(s). This includes when you make a public post about us.
    • Service Data: We may gather your information when you visit, sign up, register, or use our services.
    • Content And Advertising Information: We obtain information from a third party content or advertising that you choose to interact with on our service or channel.
    • Third-Party Information: We accept information from the third parties you interact with through our channel. This consists of offline channels such as telephones or direct emails, customers, vendors, suppliers, and other commercially and/or publically available sources (for example, data brokers, public databases, and data aggregators, etc.). We also receive user information through third-party affiliate network operators such as referral sources and social network sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Furthermore, we collect your information when you create a profile on any part of services, sign up for a membership, or when you use a third party to log in on our services (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+). If you access and share our content with another person, platform or service, you basically permit us to collect your information. We may also obtain your username, email address or any other information available from third parties.

It is to acknowledge that Hayvine doesn’t take accountability for any information that you voluntarily share on public domains of the services, such as forums, blogs, chat rooms, private messages, wikis, message boards or any other publicly accessible platform. It further includes information that you choose to share on your member profile of the services that permits users to upload or post content. Sharing of personal information is highly dissuaded by us. You can change personal information at any time you want by simply changing the settings of your profile page. Please contact us to alter any of your personal information from these areas. If impossible, which is highly unlikely, and we’re unable to modify your personal information, we’ll bring it to your awareness, and let you know the reason.

It must be notified that this Privacy Policy does not guarantee the practices of third parties, including the aforementioned parties that may disclose information to Hayvine.

Creation of User Information: We keep a record for internal administrative and analytical purposes. Thus, we may create user information about you. This includes your interaction with us and details regarding your entire purchase history, etc. We may also compound the data collected from third parties, such as social network sites and other data collecting bodies.

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