Yes, Donald Trump Still Wants Fireworks over Mount Rushmore

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: July 4, 2020

No! Not even a pandemic can stop him from holding a massive party!


George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt… who’s next?  Donald Trump!

There’s no surprise here that Donald Trump would want to have a place among the legends of American History. In fact, on Friday night, the president will put on an early Independent show at Mount Rushmore, reviving the tradition of July Fourth fireworks over their beautifully carved sculptures. 

We appreciate Trump’s patriotism, but such insanity simply appears to be inappropriate, especially when the country is already going through a worsening pandemic. Holding a massive show amid the pandemic is like calling the devil to possess you, since social distancing won't be needed at such events.

But the event to celebrate independence from Great Britain is merely used for fortifying the President's deception that the country is just on the right track!

“We’re headed back in a very strong fashion… and I think we are going to be very good with the coronavirus,” Trump told Fox Business on Wednesday.

The Irony here is just incredible as Dr. Anthony Fauci, his government’s popular infectious disease specialist had warned a day before that the US is expected to witness 100,000 new cases each day.

Though, Mount Rushmore state, South Dakota, is not as affected by the coronavirus than the rest of the country. But just like a single spark can ignite a wildfire, similarly one infected person among a huge crowd can trigger new outbreaks.

But our president just loves big shows and huge crowds, and even the pandemic can't stop him from holding a massive Fourth of July party! On Saturday, he is expected to hold his second “Salute to America” event in Washington, and of course followed by another big fireworks show.

Washington’s Mayor, Muriel Bowser, advised citizens to remain at home and enjoy the show on their television sets---- but nobody can't even get Americans to wear the protective face masks in public yet, so how one can expect that they would really resist such temptation. The city’s subway is already preparing for the crowded trains.

It’s like calling for a health massacre… but the President wants to put himself in the spotlight, four months before the election.  And seems like it will take something worse than a pandemic to stand in his way!


Updated July 4, 2020
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