Yaphet Kotto: Fans Mourn Over Homicide Life on the street, Alien Star and Bond Villain’s Tragic Death at 81.

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  • POSTED ON: March 16, 2021

world of cinema witnessed a great loss on Monday night: Yaphet Kotto died at
the age of 81. The actor, mostly known for his performances in Alien, Live and
Let Die, and the television series Homicide: Life on the Street, was pronounced
dead as revealed by his wife Tessie Sinahon.

made the announcement through her Facebook account, saying that she is saddened
and still in shock by the passing of her husband after 24 years of marriage.
She revealed that he died at 10:30 in the night. She further gave an ode to the
actor that he was – the man who played villain like no other, and a hero who
cannot be shaken.

mentioned that people loved him in all of his avatars, and that is why he was
one of the best actors in Hollywood. Of course, she said that she would miss
him every day and that he was her rock and best friend.

1973, he pulled off two of the greatest characters in the movie business with
equal conviction. He played a double-duty dictator, who was corrupt and had the
potential to be exceptionally vicious. He will be known as one of the most
stylish villains in the James Bond universe – who can forget his dapper suits
and slick hair!

also played the role of a technician in Dennis Parker’s Alien, which was
released in 1979. He was in another action movie, which also stars Arnold
Schwarzenegger, called The Running Man which released in 1987. Most
importantly, he would be remembered as Al Giardello from NBC series “Homicide:
Life on the Street”, which reigned on television from 1993 till 1999!

was born in New York City in 1939 and studied acting at the age of 16. By 19 he
had already made his Broadway debut and was on his way to do his first feature
film. He was part of movies like ‘Nothing but a Man’ in 1964 and ‘The Thomas
Crown Affair’ in 1968.

ultimately gained fame and publicity through his role in the James Bond movie,
and after that, it was no looking back for him. He starred in Truck Turner,
Blue Collar, Alien, Brubaker and Death Valley Days, etc.

he is most remembered for his role in the television series as it lasted for almost
a decade. The character was deeply loved by the fans as it was relevant for the

the personal ground, the 81-year-old actor is survived by six children a wife.

surely going to miss this genius artist – RIP!

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Updated March 16, 2021
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