Woah! Spooky Halloween Costume & Makeup DIY Ideas!

  • POSTED ON: October 16, 2020

These are so scary and impressive, TBH!

Are you sick of Becka getting all the eyes and ‘woahs’ on every freaking Halloween party? Then, you should better up your Halloween game this year! Running out of ideas? Don’t worry, Hayvine has got your back!

All you need is the correct tools and right hands to create these incredible Halloween looks at home.

Here are the dazzling and spooky Halloween ideas to go for in 2020!

Punnylicious Kevin Bacon

The Glam Joker

Courtesy of Instagram/@aebeku_

The patient form the operation Theatre

Source: Buzzfeed

Gothic Fairy

Courtesy of Instagram/@euphriaxiv

The golden cat and dog from Nickelodeon

Source: Buzzfeed

Flapper Girl

Courtesy of Instagram/@brookeellismakeup

Hot Patrick from Spongebob SquarePants

Source: Buzzfeed

Glorious Avatar

Courtesy of Instagram/@indigotohell

McDonald’s fries

Source: Buzzfeed

Disney’s ever-lasting villain Ursula

Courtesy of Instagram/@afroglory_

A packet of M&Ms

Source: Buzzfeed

A look for COVID-Halloween


A meatball form a bowl of spaghetti

Source: Buzzfeed

Pennywise Dancing Clown…

irinakorotinaa / Instagram

Forever Iconic Mrs. Doubtfire

Source: Buzzfeed

So, which of the above look would you go for?

Updated October 16, 2020
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