Will There Be a What Lies Below 2? Find out everything here!

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  • POSTED ON: April 10, 2021

Holy Shit, what kind of ending was that!

This is the collective reaction of all those people who have watched the latest Netflix sci-fi horror movie called “What Lies Below?” This is a movie that wants its viewers to make sense out of an hour and twenty-seven minutes of NONSENSE! Honestly, we are short of words to describe how weirdly entertaining that movie was.

Guilty as charged, we have seen a lot of movies but we haven’t watched anything like this top-trending movie on Netflix. What Lies Below is a horror sci-fi revolving around a teenager named Libby and her mother’s hot boyfriend John. Originally released on-demand in December 2020, the movie has just become available on Netflix for streaming.

Since its debut on the streaming-giant, the movie has been trending on No.2 of the Netflix’s top 10 trending list. And fans are curious to know whether there will be a part 2.

Well, since it’s a movie, it’s really hard to predict a part 2. We don’t think there would be a part 2 of this movie, but considering the kind of reaction this movie has been getting lately, there’s a possibility that Netflix might have a change of heart. But again, it ultimately depends on the creators.

But what does actually lie below?

Well, we will get to it, but first let’s do a little set up.

What Lies Below focuses on a shy teenager named Libby (played by Ema Horvath), who loves fossils and her mother, Michelle (Mena Suvari). When she visits her mom’s lake-house, she discovers a hot boyfriend of her mother named John (played by Trey Tucker). John has a weird fascination with sea-creatures. He transforms the basement of the lake-house into his small lab, where he experiments with fresh-water creatures, trying to help them adapt them in salt water.

Long story short, it turns out that he is a demonic fresh-water creature seeking ways to survive into the seas. He gives Libby a bracelet Najao “stone of life,” which represents the goddess of fertility. One day, he takes Libby out on a boat to catch some lampreys, and on the way, Libby gets her first period. And the next thing we see is John moving closer to her crotch, groping her, and then starting to lick her blood. Yukkh!

Coming back to the point, the movie ends with Libby waking up in a creepy aquarium. She pleads for help that will obviously never come, and eventually gives up and seems to have accepted her fate that John has added her into his growing collection of sexy fish-like ladies.

But what’s the point of it all?

Well, according to our understanding, this was all part of John’s plan to impregnate women in an attempt to increase the population of his species (hence the “fertility” bracelet). Having Libby trapped in an aquarium means that John succeeds in his plan, making Libby a water-breathing creature and a means to grow his population.

What lies Below trailer:


What Lies Below is not actually a Netflix Original, so it’s very unlikely that the streamer would announce its sequel. However, we will update you as soon as we hear something about it. Meanwhile, check out our Facebook page to read more interesting content about latest movies and TV series, what lie below movie review. In case you’re wondering where you can watch what lies below online, the movie is currently streaming on Netflix. This is gonna be the best movie ever produced by Netflix (sense the sarcasm).  

Updated April 10, 2021
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