Why You Should Play ‘Breath Of The Wild’ Wrong

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: June 27, 2020

Due to the novel
Coronavirus, many people have turned to video games – it helps them maintain
their sanity in a lonely world that awaits them.

Some people are
extremely vigilant and follow the instructions given before the video game
begins. However, there are still a couple of gamers who simply dive in without
taking any instructions as they believe that it’s a waste of time. This
is also because they are too eager and excited to play that pausing to read the
instructions just ticks them off.

One of the many games
that gamers turned to during quarantine is the Breath of the Wild. They spend hours
exploring only to attack the Hyrule Castle in the end. But many people are
doing things differently while maintaining social distance.

For example, when Link
emerges from the Shrine of Resurrection and looks for the vista of the Great
Plateau, they run down the hill without pausing to talk to the Mysterious Old
Man and anyone who has played this game would know how important his “talk”
really is. Anyway, a lot of gamers are now spending nights picking apples,
they’re even swimming in the lakes and throwing stuff at Moblins because why

In fact, another fun
trick to pull off not opening the Shrine until the next day because then
obviously you’d have to sit down to talk to that old dude. This social
distancing, the important things can wait.

You know what is even
funnier? Ignoring the imperative to rescue Princess Zelda! Come on, it’s 2020,
these princesses can save themselves. It’s time to adopt Link’s attitude and
pretend that nothing the other person says is of any value to you.

This state of
uselessness is actually helping people be productive. Instead of spending hours
watching the numbers on screen increase, you can simply put no effort into doing
anything. Just lie around, talk with friends on Zoom or extend a helping hand
to neighbors.

There’s no pressure to do anything at all and this game simply
brings calmness to your being.


Updated June 27, 2020
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