Who Wins Godzilla vs. Kong’ 2021 & How? Find out Here!

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  • POSTED ON: January 27, 2021

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the MonsterVerse or not,
you’ve got to be excited for the upcoming Kong vs. Godzilla movie!

The visuals of the latest movie are spectacular – King Kong
is fighting Godzilla! Both, the last of their species, were destined to fight a
glorious battle. Every passing day, ever since the trailer released, we’re
finding it hard to believe that we’ll get to witness the inevitable battle
between the two creatures who we’ve worshipped all these years. It’s like
Captain America vs. Iron Man in the Civil War, but on a bigger scale.

All of us are wondering and placing our bets on our favorites
– which side are you on? Are you going to support Kong who is the face of
righteousness, strength, and royalty? Or will you be on Godzilla’s side who
charters every battle he faces?

One creature gets angry when you step into his kingdom and
drops bombs to destroy the rest,meanwhile the other one gets angry and straightaway
destroys buildings of San Francisco.

Let’s lay down facts and make it easier for you to pick sides,
because neutrality is a sign of weakness:

Here’s the thing: Godzilla is a crazy dude – the radioactive
dinosaur shoots blue laser out of his mouth to announce that he’s furious. He’s
powerful but that’s about it.

On the other side, we have Kong, who has humanity’s best
interest at heart. He protects his people and attacks and preys the ones who
come after them. He’s got limbs and intelligence, which eventually give him an
edge. Kong has the height, strength, and skills to chokeslam Godzilla in a
heartbeat (something we never thought we’d say in this lifetime).

The facts claim that Kong has an upper hand in this fight, but
is it really possible? We can’t forget that Godzilla is literally a nuclear
baby. In all honesty, the thought of the two battling it out in front of the
human civilization is just shocking and unimaginable. 

need to put more thought into this. Kong may be strong, but he does get hurt –
even by bullets. And he won’t be entering the fight with a random competitor.
He’s literally going to be fighting another titan and it is not going to be a
Space Jam. We can’t undermine his ability, because every time Kong will throw a
punch at his face, Godzilla will breathe a literal nuclear hellfire on his

destruction is intangible.

lacks the emotional quotient and empathy for humanity, whereas Kong is known
for those admirable traits. It’s important that we don’t count this fact as a
negative for Kong. Instead of shaming the titan for not adhering to the typical
stoic hero stereotype, let’s look at this as an instigator.

limbs does give you an edge in a fight – you can climb and show versatile
moves. And the best of all, you can build weapons. Kong has intelligence and
limbs which will help him articulate Godzilla’s weaknesses. And if you watch
the final shot of the trailer, you’d clearly see that Kong has a Thor-like hammer
in his hand.

course, this has resulted in several fan theories. The most important and
credible theory so far is that Kong can build a weapon out of Godzilla – in
this case – Godzilla could face his end in the most poetic fashion ever!

let’s figure out which titan has the best intentions for humanity;is it really
unfair to say that Godzilla would turn against humanity? In the past, he has
fought for them and protected them from other species. But here’s the thing: he
has never willingly cohabitated with human. You may say that it’s sort of
prejudiced, but at the end of the day, Godzilla is a scary-scaled reptile.

on the other hand, has found strength in humans. He is always willing to fight for the
humans he can connect with.Strangely, they’ve all been White women, but that’s
a chat for another day.  The point is
that he’s shown regard for humanity and interest in protecting them on his own
will. He understands the pain of loss as he grieves his own losses in life.

from having bodily strength, he also has one important thing going on in his
favor: He has a reason to fight.

the trailer, we know that Godzilla is out there and he’s harming humanity.
Something has either pissed him off or maybe his intentions are being
misjudged. Whatever may be the reason, they’ve called up Kong to bring him down
in an epic showdown. The first trailer looks fantastic,
and we simply cannot wait!


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all of you clicked on this article to find out here how and who wins the
Godzilla vs. Kong battle in the 2021 fight. Well, from the Godzilla vs. Kong’
trailer, we can tell the Kong might come out as the winner because he’s simply
better than Zilla. Will you be happy as Kong winner?

Updated January 27, 2021
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