Watch Seth Meyers Expose the American Government

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  • POSTED ON: April 8, 2020

Seth Meyer’s went on a twenty-minute declaim and showed us how broken we truly are.

Source: Mashable 

Remember when Trump claimed how Coronavirus would die down by April?  Well, guess what? It’s April and 11,000 Americans are dead. Thousands of Americans have tested positive and are undergoing severe Coronavirus symptoms and millions are unemployed. Honestly? We’re all f**ked.

And you know what, the government is going to help the ones with no income. They’re telling them to fax them the unemployment petition.

Meyers went on a fiery rant and said, “This is not some accident of history. There’s a reason you can get a package of alcohol wipes from Amazon in 48 hours but to apply from unemployment benefits from the government you have to download MS-DOS.”

“The reason is that billionaires and corporations have hollowed out our public infrastructure with the help of corporate ghouls in the political establishment, and now companies like Amazon are more powerful than our decrepit federal government.” – he continued.

Seth actually broke down Trump’s approach to handling the pandemic since the beginning of the year. From the initial dismissal to the long period of denial, incessant lies to misinformation, Trump played every card in the book to downplay the severity of this problem. He hoarded stockpiles of ventilators as well as face masks for absolutely no logical reason. This occurred when New York was literally crying out loud for help.

Meyer’s hit the nail on the wall with this analogy. “Oh, that makes sense,” shrugs Meyers. “It’s like my doorman told me: ‘The front door belongs to the building. If you wanna go to work so bad, climb down the fire escape”

“One lesson we’re learning from all of this is that it’s better not to be governed by sociopaths.” – He concluded.

Updated April 8, 2020
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