Trending: ‘How Tall is Roddy Ricch’, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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  • POSTED ON: February 22, 2021

“Is there life after death?” “How was the world created?” “Is there really a God?” these questions are no longer the burning questions of our time. In fact, people are now more curious to know “How tall is Roddy Ricch" or "How tall is Roddy Ricch in feet.”


The 22-year-old rising rap star is not only known for his successful music numbers, but also for his seemingly short height! The height of Roddy Ricch (real name Rodrick Wayne Moore), has been the subject of online debate for years.

But not anymore! Because we’re here to clear this confusion once and for all!

Last night, social media was abuzz with reports claiming that a shooting took place during the filming of a music video of 42 Dugg and Roddy Ricch, which reportedly left three people wounded.

When the news of this unfortunate event started circulating on the internet, it was unclear as to who exactly those injured victims were. This left the two musicians’ fans worried and concerned, as they continued praying for the well-being of the two artists.

Later, Atlanta police confirmed that neither 42 Dugg nor Roddy Ricch were injured in the shooting incident.

As of now it’s unclear who the shooter was, and who he was targeting. Thus far the official reports have confirmed that there indeed was a breakout of gunfire at the set of the artists’ music video.

In response to rising speculations and concerns from his fans about his wellbeing, Dugg went on IG live along with a fellow artist to show fans that he is all fine and well. “Y’all stop with that fake shit, man. We ain’t been around no gun shooting, none of that,” Dugg said during live session with fans. “Real talk, man. We good…. Thanks for the love, though. I appreciate the love, though.”

After this chaotic incident, Roddy Ricch started trending on the internet for multiple reasons— including his seemingly short height. Soon, “How tall is Roddy Rich” was among the top trends of the popular social media platform, Twitter.

Roddy Ricch, at last, broke his long-held silence on the online fuzz about his height, and tweeted, “Y’all talking about height fuc that shit, ion like that 1 M.”

Still wondering what his height is?

Let’s just clear this confusion once and for all, the actual height of the 22-year-old rapper is estimated to be 5 feet and 8 inches. Well, it’s a fact, believe it or not.

After the shooting incident, one of his friends took to twitter to confirm the well-being of “Die Young” singer. “My nigga Roddy good, all the homies good,” A-Tron tweeted last night.

Obviously, he doesn’t want anyone to refer to him as ‘Roddy Ricch kid.’ He is now a grownup adult and quite handsome, if you ask us! He has a muscular body and some pretty eyes. So, it’s probably a Roddy Ricch perfect time to stop height shaming him! And honestly, who cares about height anyway when you’re blessed with such an immense talent! So, stop leaving rude comments on his profile such as “Roddy Ricch baby” or “Roddy Ricch how tall are you?” and try not to judge anyone by their physical appearance. Live and let live, Peace!

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Updated February 22, 2021
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