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  • POSTED ON: February 23, 2021

J. Blakeson has created a masterpiece and taken us back in time by reminding us
what a ride The Disappearance of Alice Creed was. And we have a couple of
people to thank for it – starting from David Fincher. He’s the man who saw the possibility
of mania in the eyes of Rosamund Pike when he saw her performance in Pride and
Prejudice. He decided to cast against type and she left no stone unturned.

cue from the legend, director J. Blakeson got Pike on board for his movie I
Care A Lot, which is now available on Netflix. The movie is a mishmash of
several genres as you’ll find a sociopathic scheming woman doing whatever the
hell she wants. Initially, you’ll find elements of dark comedy, but soon you’ll
find crime, action and numerous thrilling sequences. You won’t realize when the
movie will blossom into a full-blown satire.

you came here thinking that we’d give you an overall explanation of the dark
comedy thriller than you’re wrong. This is a brief review where we acknowledge
the wonderful performance of Rosamund Pike.


can be seen playing the role of a high-stakes grafter who basically scams old
people by declaring that they’re unfit to look after themselves. She does it
all to acquire their guardianship, only to take over their assets and rob them
off in broad daylight.

how does she not get caught?

she conducts all her operations in broad daylight as she’s well versed with the
legal parameters. She doesn’t hide after scamming people – she confidently
walks out the front door without leaving any loopholes behind.

all the old people she scams are capable of taking care of themselves. She’s
got a couple of corrupt people working under her influence. She knows people
working in the judiciary in the healthcare sectors and even the people at old
age homes. Of course, they all come with a price but she always takes home the

could possibly go wrong when you’re a sociopath who works in the daily light and
every person involved is under your control? Well, a lot can go wrong if you
mess with the Russians.

things go south as she ends up scamming the mother of a Russian gangster. Now
she can either be a lion or become a lamb – and in her own words, she’s a
f**king lioness. Hence, instead of bribing the gangster, she ignores the threat
and lives ruthlessly.

the movie to find out the rest, because its better when you witness everything
unfold in front of your eyes. The performances are great! The cast also
includes Eiza Gonzalez, Peter Dinklage, Dianne Wiest and Chris Messina.

best part about Pike’s character is that she doesn’t have any redeemable
qualities. Like, you do get a hint of a traumatic past, but it’s pretty vague.
You don’t get to see any sappy flashbacks, which is great, as it could’ve
distracted you from the present day mania!

we just want to see Rosamund Pike in the Quentin Tarantino world. She’s
literally made for it. We’ll conclude by saying that the movie is dark and
incredibly entertaining.

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Updated February 23, 2021
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