Top 10 Movies On Netflix To Watch With Family

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  • POSTED ON: September 28, 2020

When sitting down with your family, it can be a challenge to find something on Netflix that everyone enjoys well.

But, not anymore!

With our top 10 list of thrillers, comedy, and suspense, now it’s time to watch the best movies with your family this weekend!

Bird Box

If you are searching for a movie that will keep you on the edge of your chair from start to end, then this movie is the one to stream on Netflix. While some people find the ending a bit too dramatic, it is definitely worth the watch.

Sandra Bullock plays the role of a woman who has the nerve of steel. She miraculously survives the apocalypse while keeping her children safe from the unknown dangers outside. Bird Box is usually compared to A Quiet Place for having a similar storyline. So, if you have enjoyed A Quiet Place, then you should definitely watch Bird Box too.

Mary Poppins Returns

Those who remember Mary Poppins as Julie Andrews are sure to consider watching this movie with their family. Emily Blunt plays the role of the nanny, who gives Michael Banks a visit. Banks is now all grown-up and has three children. With the music written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, this movie is just plain fun to watch with family.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

If you enjoy watching animated family movies with a touch of comedy, then you are going to love this one! The movie, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is inspired by a children’s book written by Judi Barrett.

Flint Lockwood is an inventor but none of his inventions makes sense. However, his latest invention is received with immense appreciation. The machine turns water into any food you want. The entire town starts to request Flint to make it rain the food of their wildest imagination. Eventually, the machine gets overworked and that’s when things start to go terribly wrong. What happens next? How about you enjoy that with your family this weekend?

Sleepless in Seattle

This hilarious rom-com is the best chance to get all your family members laughing uncontrollably. Starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, the storyline is based on a widower and a journalist whose fate was to fall in love. The widower’s son Jonah wants his dad to meet someone, so he expresses his wish on a radio talk show. To learn how Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meet with each other, stream the movie and watch with your family.

Silver Linings Playbook

Pat Solatano played by Bradley Cooper has to move in with his mother (Jacki Weaver) and father (Robert DeNiro) since he has lost his job, house, even his wife. However, that doesn’t stop Pat from trying to restore his life to the way it was. Pat runs into Tiffany, played by Jennifer Lawrence, and that’s when things start to get complicated for him. To break the suspense, tune in to Netflix now!

The Town

Directed and co-written by the man himself, Ben Affleck plays the lead along with Rebecca Hall, Blake Lively, Jon Hamm, Pete Postlethwaite, Jeremy Renner, and Chris Cooper. The movie is based on an adaptation of the novel Prince of Thieves. The story is based on real events and revolves around Boston bank robbers who are planning a heist on Fenway Park.

Mirror Mirror

Based on the plot of Snow White, Mirror Mirror is one version you would not want to miss. Lily Collins plays the role of Snow White while Julia Roberts plays the role of the evil queen. Snow White is exiled to the forest by the queen where she gets refuge by some dwarfs. With their support along with the prince, Snow White fights to win back the crown that was rightfully hers.

The Princess Switch

If your family mainly consists of young girls, then this movie is bound to keep you all happy and engaged. The movie stars Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy DeNovo, working as a baker from Chicago. She takes a spontaneous trip to Belgravia, where she meets her lookalike, Princess Margaret Delacourt, who desperately needs a break from her life. The two decide to trade places to find out what it’s like to live in the person’s shoes. That’s all that we are giving you. To find out more how things work out for them, give this movie a shot.

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

Live-action movies are apparently a thing now. Since almost every Disney movie has been made into a live-action film, The Jungle Book was no exception. The story revolves around a human child Mowgli who was brought up in the jungle by wolves. The boy becomes friends with a bear and a panther called Baloo and Bagheera. There is one animal who doesn’t accept Mowgli, and that is the tiger, Shere Khan. Don’t miss out on this movie to know what makes Mowgli accept his identity.


If you are a family who just loves watching movies themed around sports, you all are going to love this one. The movie is inspired by true stories of how the U.S. men’s hockey team won over the 1980’s Olympics against the Soviet team. Miracle is captivating and patriotic entertainment that can be enjoyed by all ages.

So which movie are you going to watch with your family? Tell us in the comment section below!

Updated September 28, 2020
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