This Year’s Emmy Nominees for Best Costume Celebrates Underrepresented Communities

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  • POSTED ON: July 30, 2020

all the award shows for next year have extended their window for voting –
considering all of this year’s magical movies have been postponed indefinitely,
yesterday’s virtual announcement for Emmy nomination was clearly ahead of its
original format. Many people were struck by surprise as the original date of
the award ceremony, which is September 20th, remains undeterred.

many of us were elated and cooped up by the best series nominations, a lot of
us forgot to pay attention to the costume category – and according to us, they
were the clear winners!

just begin by congratulating the panel of judges who nominated such fine actors
– and the most diverse! This is a welcome sign and shows how Hollywood is ready
to make serious changes and make it a place that is inclusive and receptive of
diversity and individuality. It showed us that even the prestigious award
ceremonies are ready to witness a change. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves
because this is simply the first step of a long journey ahead.

Source: Town and County Magazine 

Do you know which category emerged as a true example of storytelling? It was
surprisingly the category of Best Costume Design. We’ve always seen Oscars
limit their nominations to simply five across all genres of films throughout
the year due to which the voting goes on disproportionately and ends up
rewarding the period drama costuming.

imagine if there were individual segments of films: contemporary, period,
fantasy/Sci-fi, and nonfiction or reality programming… don’t you think this
would give the audience a variety of options and a spectrum of costumes for
television? Hence, we can admire the meticulous research gowns and tiaras of
The Crown and at the same time appreciate and be vowed by the flamboyant and
uninhibited fashion sense of drag queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

year’s nominations were a true nod to the power of storytelling as it celebrated
the reality of underrepresented communities. These were the costumer designers that
inspired us and impressed us with the imagery that was extraordinary in every
sense of the word.

period category enjoyed the presence of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Ryan
Murphy’s epic show Hollywood. These shows featured glamorous clothing pieces of
the mid-century. The DIY spirit was high as well as with the nomination of FX’s
Pose – for us, a true winner!

Source: Marie Claire 

Source: YouTube

McGorty’s, who is the costume designer of this Pose, created some of the most
breathtaking pieces to date. Nobody can forget the flamboyant outfits that
were created specifically so that members of Harlem’s queer ballroom scene
could adorn them. These costumes were created from scratch by McGorty and her
commendable team of designers. Those costumes were refreshing and innovative by
all means. There’s no doubt in our mind that the resourcefulness and creativity
showcased by the designer put them right in front of the fashion pack.

contemporary category is full of authenticity – the cutting-edge clothing items
pieced together to gave shape to the gorgeous characters of Euphoria and
Killing Eve. These shows gave the fans a mix of everything so that they could
play and win fashion in all sense. These designers truly played the role of the

Source: Monster Children

Source: Reddit 

the list of nominees, we also get to see the notable work produced by Michelle
R. Cole whose Halloween costumers on Black-ish truly won us over! We could
clearly see that the designer took cues from Jordon Peele’s Us.

another tough competitor of the list is Justin Seymour who took us on a
thoughtful journey of the Jewish community in the hit series Unorthodox. The
show is inspired by true stories and the entire storyline depicted her growth
as a character. How she went from dressing modestly in the US to becoming a more
casual version of herself in Berlin. The designer won our appreciation by
paying attention to the subtleties and not the stereotypical assumption that we
all carry in our minds.

Source: British Vogue

truly appreciate the effort that these designers put into their work. They
changed the way we view these highly misrepresented communities on screens. Whether
it was the LGBTQ+ community or the Jewish community residing in America today,
we explored a side of fashion that we’ve never really deep-dived into.

do you think deserves to win the award for the Best Costume Designer this year?

Updated July 30, 2020
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