The Weeknd Embraces ‘New Year, New You’ After Undergoing Disastrous Plastic Surgery- Here’s Everything!

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  • POSTED ON: January 6, 2021

Oh, Weeknd! Seems like the singer took "New Year, New Me" concept way too seriously!

Canadian rapper, The Weeknd took everyone by surprise after he dropped a new music video with a completely new look…. Cosmetic surgery?

Wait…. Abel, is that really you? Have you all seen the images of plastic surgery?

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The 30-year-old rapper unveiled his bizarrely altered face in a newly-dropped music video "Save Your Tears."

In the music video, The Weeknd, originally known as Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, appears to be loaded with fillers in his lips and cheeks along with a chiseled nose.

The four-minute music video begins with singer on-stage covered with an elaborated Venetian mask. With the bandages now off, the spotlight highlights his face, revealing a swollen sore face with fake botox injections.

Soon after the video's release, The Weeknd started trending on Twitter with fans speculating what really happened to his face. In simpler terms, fans are freaking out big time!

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To further freak his fans out, the Star Boy singer took to his Instagram account and shared a selfie with a newly-transformed face.

Fans are wondering whether the Starboy singer actually underwent disastrous plastic surgery or is it part of his another creative stunt, though, his latest public appearances have been suggesting something bizarre for almost a year now.

In March 2020, the call out my name singer appeared on Saturday Night Live with a bloodied and injured face – though, he never explained the cause behind those bruises.

In August, he pulled the same look while walking the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards.

He then made the headlines when he showed up at the American Music Awards, where he performed and accepted awards with his face covered in bandages.

Whether his newly-altered facial features are permanent or not, the singer's sure to make an impact once again in his upcoming big performance: the 2021 Super Bowl halftime show! He announced on social media writing, "Performing on the iconic stage, see you 02/07/21."

Whatever the mysteries cooking up in the singer's mind, fans definitely have a lot of conspiracy theories and opinions regarding the Weeknd's latest stunt with his face. Some are claiming that The Weeknd is pulling a jab on Grammys with his looks, as he was completely ignored in this year's nominations despite releasing a successful album, After Hours while others are simply finding this whole plastic-surgery-or-not-situation hilarious and meme material. In fact, there's a new meme in town! And all thanks to The Weeknd and his distorted face!

Here’s how fans are reacting to The Weeknd’s newly-transformed face:

Well, fans can now take a sigh of relief, as the latest reports suggest that the rapper is wearing prosthetics and it's a temporary look he sported just for the music video…

Well, The Weeknd has really got us! Hasn't he?

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Updated January 6, 2021
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