The Walking Dead: Everything about Season 10, season 11, The Walking Dead World Beyond, Cast and More

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  • POSTED ON: March 15, 2021

Gear up for some zombie action!

It’s time to get back in your safe houses and stock up your survival kits, as zombies are set to roam around the city this summer.

Now is the perfect time to be a fan of zombies because “The Walking Dead” is coming to our screens for season 11. After ten chapters of horrifying, adventurous, and creepy zombie mayhem written by Mathew Negrete, fans around the world are wondering what season 11 would be like.

But there is some good news and a bad news!

What would you like to read first? Well, it would be wise to share the good news first!

So, the good news is that the 11th season of “The Walking Dead” will premier this summer! It’s not long until we’ll see dead folks back on our screens!

Ever since showrunner Angela Kang got on board with this project, things are really getting better.

In 2019, Kang announced that the 11th season of the horror series is in the picture.

Sarah Barrett, former president of AMC network said, “The Walking Dead burst out of the gate ten years ago as a genre show that had all the character depth of a top-tier prestige drama, and now 10 years later – led by the brilliant Angela Kang and fuelled by one of the most consistently talented casts in television – this phenomenon is flourishing creatively, with critics and audiences embracing its reset.”

While fans are really excited for the upcoming season, there is one downside to this news: The Walking Dead season 11 will be the last installment of the long-running zombie franchise.

Yeah, we feel that too! But there’s no need to be sad about this, because we will still have The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Fear The Walking Dead, and the Carol and Daryl spinoff Kang is working on to release in 2023. A Rick Grimes movie is also in the picture. And the most exciting part is, the entire show will be available to stream on Netflix after it airs the series finale.

Here is everything you need to know about The Walking Dead season 11, season 10, its crew and cast and everything about season 10 and more:

What is the release date of The Walking Dead season 11?

The Walking Dead Season 10 Could Be the Best in Years Thanks to Carol |  Vanity Fair

The release date of season 11 hasn’t been announced yet. But after some digging, we know “Fear TWD” will premiere on April 11, 2021 with nine new episodes.

The show is likely to run for nine straight weeks, if that’s going to be the case, we could expect the season 11 to premier as early as 13th June. As of now, “Fear the Walking Dead,” “The Walking Dead,” and “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” all are in the production stage. Five new episodes of The Walking Dead season 10 is set to air Sunday nights on AMC at 9 p.m.

These extra episodes are designed to fill in the gap between season 10 and 11, providing a platform and experimenting ground for AMC’s Coronavirus prevention protocols. With prevention protocols in place, the cast has returned to Georgia and began filming the new season in February.

The Walking Dead season 11 cast: Who’s in it?

What The Walking Dead Season 10 Extra Episodes Could Be About | Den of Geek

Norman Reedus will return as the crossbow-welding biker, badass Darryl, and Mellissa McBribe as the legendary Carol; Kharys Payton as Ezekiel, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Christian Serratos as Rosita, and Seth Gilliam as Gabriel will also return for the 11th and final installment of the series.

Lauren Cohan will also reprise her role as the franchise’s ever-beloved character of Maggie. She shared that she was shocked when she heard about her character’s comeback in The Walking Dead season 11.

Along with them, Nadia Hiker, Cassady McClincy, Lauren Ridloff and Eleanor Matsuura are set to appear in The Walking Dead season 11. Well, there are also going to be some new characters and faces debuting in the upcoming season, and it will be interesting to see who makes the cast lineup.

What is the plot of season 11?

Walking Dead' Season 10C Update | Hollywood Reporter

Creators haven’t released any official statements about season 11’s plot. Guess they are planning to reveal the plot details much closer to the release date. We know that the recent series has been completely off-track from the source material in an attempt to keep things fresh and unique for the viewers. So, expect something unexpected this time around, too.

Is there any trailer for The Walking Dead season 11?

The Walking Dead: Daryl's Dog Origin Revealed in Exclusive Clip | Den of  Geek

It’s too early to have a trailer for the much-anticipated season. It’s probably going to release at the end of April or May. We will update you shortly after AMC rolls out the trailer.

As soon as we get more information related to the release of The Walking Dead season 11, we will make sure to keep our beloved readers updated. Stay tuned to Hayvine and like our Facebook page to keep track on all the news regarding your favorite content on Netflix and any other streaming platform.

Updated March 15, 2021
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