The most awkward moments of Golden Globes 2021

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  • POSTED ON: March 2, 2021

With lagging sound, awkward zoom mishaps, and technical glitches, the 78th Golden Globes ceremony had no shortage of awkward moments to make viewers cringe to the core.

It means that there wasn’t only “Oh, crap! I need to make a virtual speech” awkwardness but also “Oh, shit! I forgot to mute me” panic. Basically, it was a disaster-fest!

Well, let’s be honest, technical problems and zoom fatigue are inevitable in a half-virtual ceremony! After all, we spent the entire past year on Zoom, so we know that even the best laid out plans can go awry! Unless Elon Musk comes up with something better, we have to deal with it no matter how tedious it gets.

Besides, there were some incredibly moments too – Chloe Zhao’s historic win, Barb & Star’s cameo, dogs, kids, TV dominated wins, Jane Fonda, Boseman’s posthumous win and some pretty gorgeous fashion (all eyes on Anya and Angela). But still, all those technical difficulties, Zoom cringes, and exhausted celebs made this event one of the most unique ceremonies in terms of awkwardness!

Here are the most awkward moments from 2021 Golden Globes:

Regina King’s dog was about to poop on live TV

Regina King's dog Cornbread was the real winner at the Golden Globes - CNN

We don’t exactly know how to describe it, but there was a dog behind her when Regina King was giving her pre-show interview. Halfway through the interview, her dog appeared in the frame (which was actually cute) and the next thing we see is him walking towards the bed and it felt like he was about to poop. Obviously, she didn’t notice because it was all going on behind her back, but it was one hell of an “Oh, Shit!” moment!

Daniel Kaluuya forgot to unmute himself

Golden Globes 2021 suffers big blunder as Daniel Kaluuya's acceptance  speech MUTED & actor shouts 'you did me dirty!'

Wohoo! Daniel Kaluuya was the first winner of the ceremony! But, when the camera shifted towards him so he could make his acceptance speech, all we saw were his moving lips and no sound!

This incident was particularly awkward, mostly because of recent controversies against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (a committee responsible for selecting winners for Golden Globes) for their lack of diversity and their treatment of Black people.

Plus, Kaluuya won the award for his portrayal of Black Panther chairman Fred Hampton, who was previously silenced and erased in his real life. Kaluuya handled the situation smoothly and when the awards’ team fixed the glitch, he came back hilariously, saying, “You did me dirty! Am I on? Is this on? Can you hear me now?

Jason Sudiekis made an acceptance speech in tie-dye hoodie

Was Jason Sudeikis High During His Golden Globes Speech?

Now that’s what awards from home ceremony actually look like!

Let’s be honest, not everyone is camera ready, not even if you won an award for best actor in a musical or comedy series. We mean, come on, it’s just an acceptance speech, let’s get done with it, even if it’s going to be streamed by millions of people. This is not us saying, but it looked like this is exactly what Sudeikis might be thinking while accepting this award for his role in Ted Lasso.

He delivered a rambling acceptance speech in a hoodie, which almost felt like winning a highly sought-after Golden Globe award wasn’t much of a big deal for him. That’s the reason why many fans are wondering if his current state of mind had something to do with his recent divorce.

But again, we relate to him. After all, he was coming live from London, and it was 2 there. 

Catherine O’Hara’s flop comedy attempt in her acceptance speech

Catherine O'Hara's Golden Globes Speech Was Comedic Perfection, Of Course |  HuffPost Canada Life

Blame its timing or the bit itself, but Catherine O’Hara really made us awkward with her acceptance speech.

While accepting her award for “Best Performance by an Actress in a TV series- Musical or Comedy,” she tried to get some laughs by acting as if “she played off” by her husband but because of some poor video quality. The bit didn’t land and viewers were left scratching their heads wondering what the hell is happening.

Tracy Morgan mispronouncing a movie name

Tracy Morgan apologizes after mispronouncing 'Soul' at Golden Globes

So, Tracy was responsible for announcing the best score award category, and the winner was the animated movie Soul. And we don’t know the reason, but he pronounced Soul like “Sowl” (maybe because it has been a very long three hours). However, he realized the mistake and intended to correct it, but it was too late because the winner’s acceptance speech had already started.

So, which of these moments did you find most awkward? Let us know in the comment section below! Also, like our Facebook page as we bring latest Hollywood stories and interesting news about celebrities to your timeline. 

Updated March 2, 2021
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