The Lost Pirate Kingdom Netflix: 5 Shocking Facts That Make it a Must Watch!

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  • POSTED ON: March 11, 2021

Pirates are one hell of entertaining beings!

We grew up listening to their stories and watching them in a number of entertainment mediums such as in the popular “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series, starring the highly charismatic actor Johnny Depp. But did you ever wonder how real-life pirates actually look like? What are their stories? History? Are there still any left?

Well, hold on a minute. Netflix is going to tell us just that!

The streaming giant is delving deeper into the world of pirates with the latest documentary-series, “The Lost Pirate Kingdom.”

This upcoming docu-series tells the stories of real-life pirates of the Caribbean, the stories which haven’t been told or portrayed on a mainstream media platform before.

Interesting, right?

Here are five shocking facts about Netflix’s “The Lost Pirate Kingdom” that make it a must watch. Check them out!

It explores the reason why they turned to being pirates

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The six-part docu-series explores the reason why they became pirates in the first place. After the war with Spain, British privateers— who worked in the freelance Naval force— went jobless and couldn’t find any other means to make money other than by being pirates and stealing from Spanish treasure.

Ultimately, they got banned by their own government. So, they decided to establish the world’s first fully-democratic republic in Bahamas by setting slaves free and gave them a right to vote to choose their own government. It's an interesting take on the gold age of pirates!

It features real-life pirates

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Let’s be honest, we all used to believe that pirates are mythical creatures. Okay, maybe not! But we bet you don’t know their real stories. Now, we’re going to see and listen to the tales and discussions of actual pirate legends like Henry Jennings, Blackbeard Benjamin Hornigold, and Henry Vane.

We are totally up for it!

It also tells the story of a female pirate

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Woah! The whole concept of pirates is hard to believe, let alone the fact that there was a female pirate. The Netflix series will also explore the story of a female pirate named Anne Bonny, and we wouldn’t be lying if we said it’s the character we’re most excited about. 

The series will recreate the events of pirate republic of Nassua

The Lost Pirate Kingdom trailer: Documentary series explores 'real-life'  raiders of the Caribbean


The Lost Pirate Kingdom uses a production technique called Hyper Dynamic Animation to re-create the pirate republic of Nassau, exactly how it was in 1715.

The docu-series will be released on 15th March on Netflix

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Yup! Co-produced by World Media Rights and ZDF Enterprises, The Lost Pirate Kingdom is coming sooner than expected!

Alan Griffiths, CEO of World Media Rights said, “We are thrilled that Netflix is bring The Lost Kingdom to their 204 million subscribers as a Netflix original. The series uses techniques pioneered by World Media Rights which are a big leap forward in historical recreation.  These techniques allow us to create lost words realistically and we have endeavored, through research, to create them exactly as they were.”

Check out the official trailer here:

The Cast of The Lost Pirate Kingdom

The cast of the Netflix Original Docu-series “The Lost Kingdom” consists of actors playing the prominent pirate legends. James Oliver Wheatley stars as the legendry Blackbeard, Tom Padley as Charles Vane, and Miles Yekinni as Black Caesar. Other cast members include Luke Ireland as Captain Pearse and Jonathan Ralph Whittaker as Captain Young. Derek Gibbons is also included in the cast, playing Hornigold’s pirate spokesperson.

The re-enactment of the series will be performed by Sam Callis, Mark Gillis, Evan Milton, Jack Waldouck, and George Watkins.

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Updated March 11, 2021
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