The Block Island Sound Streaming: Five Most Safe, Legal, and Free Platforms to Watch the Movie

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  • POSTED ON: March 15, 2021

It’s pretty hard to describe what kind of movie The Block Island Sound is, but that’s what actually makes this movie a whole lot entertaining.

The movie is directed by siblings Kevin and Mathew McManus, who also worked in a Netflix’s series American Vandal that ran for only two seasons. Anyone who has seen that unexpectedly surprising and smartly complex series won’t be surprised to learn that this new movie project has the same type of genre-defying capabilities.

The movie stars Michaela McManus as Audry, Chris Sheffield as Harry, Neville Archambault as Dale, Jeremy Holm as Kurt, and Matilda Lawler as Emily.

Premiered on August last year, The Block Island Sound is slow-burning and chilling, and heavily relies on its cast. 

Those of you looking for a mind f*cking movie, this movie should be the next thing in your “to watch” list. But where to watch it exactly?

Well, we truly understand the headache of watching movies on free online platforms. Not only do those annoying pop ups ruin the watching experience, but they also flood your browser with unwanted tabs. But don’t worry, we have got you covered!

Here are five most safe, legal, and free platforms to watch this movie:


Where there is will, there is Netflix!

Yes! You don’t need to look at any other places, when you can easily stream on your favorite streaming platform.

The streaming-giant has already added highly-anticipated titles in its library this year, from Malcolm & Marie to The White Tiger to Rosamund Pike’s I Care A Lot.

However, they have also offered some lesser-known titles for audiences to stream, one of them being The Block Island Sound.

Released on the platform on Thursday, March 11th 2021, the movie is currently streaming on Netflix. So what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn, and start streaming it already.


Crackle initiated an online streaming site called Grouper before being acquired by Sony. The site is now rebranded as Crackle, and it’s fair to say that it’s one of the most popular streaming sites out there.

Crackle has a lot of incredible titles in its library. Here, you will find a number of classic sitcoms and shows including Who’s the Boss and All in the Family.

The site offers high-quality content, so in case you don’t find this movie, you will have a plenty of other options to watch.

Viewster (now ConTV)

Originally known as Viewster, it is an online streaming website with access to over thousands of television shows and movies. Most of these content include anime, documentaries, and independent productions.

The platform is safe, legal, and above all, pop-ups free!


Established in 2011, Popcornflix is only accessible in North America and functions on a variety of media platforms including gaming consoles, streaming devices, and web browsers.

Most of the content available on the website is independently produced, but you will find plenty of your favorite TV shows and movies, including “The Block Island Sound.”

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another popular streaming site with a treasure of content. It’s a bit different than any other mainstream online platform, as here, you can browse over a hundred channels instead of selecting a particular TV show or movie.

Here you go, this is the list of all the safe online streaming websites where you can watch the latest Indie movie “The Block Island Sound.” Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the movie with us once you have watched it.

Check out its trailer below:

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Happy streaming!

Updated March 15, 2021
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