The Aftershow of Tiger King to Premier This Sunday

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  • POSTED ON: April 10, 2020

Tiger King, the popular true-crime series that infuriated the conservationists and merely distracted people from the vicious Coronavirus is back! 

Source: Yahoo News NZ

As you might recall, the show ended on a high note with Joe Maldonado-Passage. More commonly known as Joe Exotic, Joe Maldonado was served with a 22-year imprisonment for conspiring the murder of an animal right activist and for killing five tigers.

On Thursday, Netflix announced that the seven-episode arc will be met with an eighth installment this Sunday. Comedian Joel McHale is set to host the after-show and he will conduct the interviews of people involved in the case.

The one thing that attracted our attention was the fact that there are no interviews scheduled with Joe Exotic , who is currently in prison. Carol Baskin, who’s been quite unhappy with the way she’s been portrayed on the show, is also missing from the interviews. The operator of the Big Cat Rescue told Entertainment Weekly that she wasn’t approached by the showrunners and that even if she was, she would not agree to be a part of it.

Ever since the series took off, Joe Exotic has been facing issues handling the newfound fame. He has openly shown remorse and expressed how he’s unable to enjoy the fame.

Interestingly, casting has also begun for a fictional show inspired by the stories revealed through its podcast. They have set out to expose the questionable activities that occur behind the scenes. An animal rights group apparently abuses and exploits animals and opts for unethical and malicious activities.

“These animals are not playthings. They are wild animals who should not be bought, sold and put on display the way they are. The story that needs to be told is about the animals and the suffering they go through.”- said Kitty Block, president and C.E.O. of the Humane Society of the United States.

Updated April 10, 2020
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