Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn: Everything You Need To Know About Their Upcoming Engagement!

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  • POSTED ON: December 9, 2020

Recently, Taylor Swift
revealed that Joe Alwyn used the pseudonym of William Bowery as a songwriter on
her latest album, Folklore. But little did she know that her fans trace
literally everything!

Well, basically in
November she had spoken to Entertainment Weekly regarding Bowery and his impact
on Betty. She further shared that she used to spend the early days of
quarantine with him and watch classic movies together.

Furthermore, Alwyn had
shared a few pictures of himself at Taylor’s home in April. It’s known to the
fans that the couple like to keep their relationship private, and they’ve
maintained that throughout the four years of their relationship.

In one of her interviews,
she was asked about her song in which she has written from the point of view of
a teenage boy. It was this moment when she gave credit to Alwyn for the
inspiration. She said that the ability to sing from a male’s perspective came
from her co-writer, William Bowery. She credited him for the melody of the
chorus, and when she heard him sing it, she thought that it sounded really
cool. She said that she might not have a male’s voice but she can have a male’s

And after discovering
that William was Joe Alwyn, we’re over the moon!

You can clearly see
that Taylor is living her best life right now. She has s a critically acclaimed
album on her hands, she’s also got the access to re-record her masters, and
she’s got the love of her life by her side.

For the first time in her life, she has kept her love life under wraps – and we can tell that he’s
different and in all the best ways. So, it has us all wondering if he put a
ring on it?

Honestly, we think that
he might just have! There are a couple of clues hinting that Taylor and Joe are
most likely engaged!

Baby Just SAID yes

Taylor is not done
re-recording her masters yet but she had given a peek of her freshly recorded
single “Love Story” which will be featured in a Match-com commercial. And you
know what? Fans have caught one minor change in the final chorus that just
might’ve proven us right!

One fan discovered a
TikTok video that has highlighted the change in the new song. The fan excitedly
said that in the new version, the lyrics have been changed from “baby just say
yes” to “baby just said yes”. 

We wouldn’t be
surprised if, tomorrow, Taylor confirms that news!

She Referenced A Wedding In “Lover.”

The lover was released last
year but, of course, we still listen to it all the time because it’s just so good!
Anyway, here’s the catch: have you noticed that throughout the album, she’s
mentioned a wedding?

As Taylor Swift fans are curious about settled engagement during days of quarantine,
we come with receipts. So, in one of the songs, she writes “my heart’s been
borrowed and yours has been blue. All’s well that ends well, to end up with
you”. Many fans are comparing it to an old wedding adage!

And that’s when the
actual investigation began and one fan found an old Instagram post that had the
lyrics as the caption and – wait for it – there was a string tied around her
ring finger!

WAIT – is she already married?

She’s Got A Rock On Her Finger In The
Music Video of “Me!”

Okay, how can we miss
this one! There’s a section in the video where Brendon Urie offers her an
engagement ring but she rejects it to favor her new real-life cat. But here’s
when things get interesting: she is already wearing a ring!

And you know what?
Taylor has said in an interview that there’s a secret in that music video and
she is waiting for fans to discover it for themselves. Some fans claim that
she’s got a new cat but others (LIKE US) think she’s engaged!

Taylor’s Definitely Ready To Get Married

A close source has
revealed that friends of Taylor are placing bets on when they’ll hear the good
news! They’ve been chatting about the proposal and how she wants the wedding to
be like.

Joe Definitely Wants To Propose.

In December of
2018, a source had revealed that Joe was gearing up to propose to Taylor.

Look, they’ve been dating
for four years now, and they’ve managed to keep their romance a secret and out
of the public eye. They’re serious, as shown in her documentary, and so it
makes sense as he feels ready. We sure hope he made it unforgettable for her!

So this is what we know
so far: Taylor Swift fans are convinced that Taylor Swift and her boyfriend got
engaged during the days of quarantine because Taylor Swift re-recorded “Love
Story” or should we say Taylor Swift’s New “Love Story” and changed the lyrics, and she displayed the ring in one of her music
videos. Honestly, we’re ready for it, Taylor. Just make the Joe Alwyn
engagement news public!

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Updated December 9, 2020
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