Strip Down, Rise Up Netflix: 3 Reasons The Documentary is a Must Watch For Women!

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  • POSTED ON: February 3, 2021

Who would have thought that “pole dancing” can give a rejuvenating
power to women? Well, the women in the Netflix’s upcoming documentary is going
to tell us just that!

Netflix is taking us all into the “world of pole dancing”
with its upcoming documentary “Strip Down, Rise Up.”

Judging by the first trailer of the documentary directed by
Michele Ohayon, a group of women learn to restore their confidence over their sexuality,
souls and bodies with the help of a new of kind of therapy: pole dancing…

Here are three reasons why this documentary is a must-watch
for women:

teaches women to embrace their sexuality!

Source: Elle

The world has certainly come far in terms of feminism and
women’s rights, but the women of today’s age still feel restraint and confined
when it comes to their bodies.

We live in a society that exert pernicious pressure on
women, forcing them to follow their “defined” standards of an ideal body. We
often told that our bodies are not appealing if we don’t meet their unrealistic
criteria of a beautiful body.

You sure want to deny this but men have a fair-share of influence
over women’s bodies without their will. They tend to manipulate our minds into following
their defined standards of beauty. The outcome? Millions of women around the world
struggle to get into a perfect shape for men or to please them with a desirable
figure… and in pursuit of this, they lost their confidence along the process…

Considering the social stigma surrounding power and beauty, females
don’t always feel secure with their own sexuality.

Shelia Kelly, one of the subjects of Netflix’s documentary “Strip
down, Rise Up,” wants female to accept their sexuality! She wants women to embrace
their femininity and to explore their power through a new form of therapy called
pole dancing.

The documentary
features a concept of sisterhood

STRIP DOWN, RISE UP Trailer - Netflix Documentary on Pole Dancing | VIMOOZ

Source: People

Kelly, renowned actress and dancer who also starred in the
movie Oprah, is a founder of a
popular feminine exercise called “S Factor.” She is one of the prominent
subjects in the 
Netflix’s documentary. She has founded multiple exercise
studios all across the United States and also planning to extend her franchise across

The documentary focuses on Kelly’s six-month seminar of
self-discovery, which include dance classes and group therapy of women. This seminar
is a major platform that bring women together.

It’s inspiring to see these females uniting on one platform and
forming a strong bond of sisterhood. Watching the participants of the seminar supporting
and cheering for each other as they learn a new endeavor is fascinating; the documentary
is surely an inspiring tribute to the ultimate force of womanhood.

gives an uplifting message to women

Netflix Doc 'Strip Down, Rise Up' Looks at How 'Raw Beauty' of Pole Dancing  Can Help Women |

Source: people

The documentary’s message is inspiring and uplifting. It attempts
to clear the centuries-old social stigma and taboo associated with pole dancing.
All our lives we believed that pole dancing is wrong; it’s something only sex
workers or strippers do.

But it’s wrong! In fact, Sexual dance helps women to heal
from their previous traumas and restore their confidence. In the documentary, we
see how women overcome their fears and insecurities through pole dancing. At
the end of their course with Kelly, they have started embracing their bodies
and also established valuable relationships with each other along the way.

These women are knocking down patriarchy with their amazing dance moves on a pole!

“Strip down, Rise Up” is slated to release on Netflix on 5th

Check out the trailer here:

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Updated February 3, 2021
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