‘Space Sweepers’, Netflix Review| Stream It or Skip It?

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  • POSTED ON: February 3, 2021

Space Sweeper – South Korea’s first attempt at Space Blockbuster – was slated for a summer theatrical release but got delayed several times due to the pandemic and its restrictions. The movie will now premiere on Netflix on February 5.

Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri play the crew members of a spaceship that scavenges for space junk. In the year 2092, the crew members of Victory stumble upon a robot which is disguised as a little girl. It has secrets that could potentially save the world.

This movie, set for a blockbuster, ended up on a streaming platform due to the pandemic. However, it continues to spark interest of the cinema enthusiasts, so we’ve gathered the inside scoop on the movie.

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Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Do you know that the movie was conceived more than a decade ago? Director Jo conceived the idea for the movie back in 2009, which is way before he made the commercial hit, A Werewolf Boy. Apparently, the director had heard stories about Space Junk and Space Sweepers from a friend, and that’s how he got the idea.

Song agreed to star in the movie even before he read the full script. Director Jo had revealed the premise of the story to Song on the sets of A Werewolf Boy and that’s when Song immediately fell in love with it.

"Back then, the storyline was a little different from how it turned out in the final product. I was really surprised by how fresh the idea was." – Song revealed.

Kim, who joined the cast soon after Song, was sold in the first narration. She plays the role of a level-headed leader of the ragtag crew.

"At the first meeting, Jo told me about his vision and what he pictured the film would be. Seeing how much passion he had, I immediately trusted him." – The actress said.

Although Song preferred not to speak about his personal share of losses, he did indicate that he was going through a rough patch when he formally joined the film set. Known for his role in the Descendants of the Sun, the actor had recently split from his wife after less than two years of marriage.

He drew inspiration from his real life pain and added it in his character to build his arc. Tae Ho – his character – is the pilot of the spaceship who is experiencing a major turbulent in life after getting kicked out of the Special Force Squad. He is shown at his worst.

Song said: "I think I was in a similar state as Tae-ho when I started shooting the movie.”

In Hollywood, motion capture is used prominently in films, but it’s not as common in South Korean productions. In fact, Space Sweepers is the first film ever in South Korea to have chosen it for its robot character. Yoo, who plays the character, admits that it was challenging for him.

"At first, I thought I'll get to the set and be able to do what I always do, but it was quite challenging. I had all types of sensors attached to my body and had to wear tights. But overall, it was a fun new experience." – He said.

English actor, Richard Armitage is also starring in the film in the role of the main antagonist in his first Korean movie.

"Thank you for inviting me to play Sullivan, for bringing me to Korea, a place across the other side of the world... and introducing me to a new country and all of the sights and the culture, but most importantly for including me in a film which I think the Korean film industry is going to be extremely proud of." – He said in his latest press conference of the movie.

We hope this Netflix review helped you decide whether you want to stream it or skip it. We believe you should watch the drama unfold in the Earth's orbital  where they discover the space debris!

Updated February 3, 2021
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