Space Jam 2: LeBron James Must Save His Son from a Virtual Reality

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  • POSTED ON: March 6, 2021

In the last couple of years, many rumors have
come and go, but there’s one rumor that has stayed and been a constant – it’s
about the Space Jam film. In fact, it would be wrong to say that it’s a rumor,
because there was a full-fledged announcement regarding the movie in 2014 –
much to our anticipation. However, nothing concrete ever came out of it and
fans kept waiting for a follow-up.

When the first movie came out in 1996, it
grossed over $230 million worldwide and shaped up to be one of the biggest
blockbusters of that year. The results were fantastic: it expanded into a
million-dollar franchise and established Jordon as one of the leading global

In the original Space Jam movie, Jordon had
formed a Tune Squad by teaming up with Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes to fight
their rivals called the Monstars – they had stolen the talent and skills of
some legendary NBA players.

But now we have some news: Space Jam 2 is
coming to theatres and on HBO Max on the 16th of July!

The long-running speculations have now come to
an end, because we are getting a new Space Jam movie and it is apparently going
to be more than basketball. James LeBron has long been attached to the script
and, seems like in this movie, he will be parenting around his fictional son
Dom played by the 16-year-old Cedric Joe. It is being said that this is going
to be more than just a family film.

Fun fact: LeBron James is a father of three
and his own son, Bronny James, happens to be the same age as his on-screen son.

With the release date of the new Space Jam
movie inching closer, more details are coming to the surface. Reports claim
that James will basically play himself on screen, but his personality would be slightly
heightened to make it engaging. The conflict is not extraordinary or
experimental, but James will have trouble relating to and understanding his
teenage son. His son is passionate about creating video games and, since he’s
so good at it, he gains attraction from all kinds of people.

Soon, his tech skills get noticed by a CGI
humanoid called AI-G Rhythm, and it manages to trap the father-son duo in the
“Warner 3000 entertainment Server-verse”. Of course, now, James has to fulfill
his fatherly duties and assemble the Looney Tunes and defeat the virtual gang.

The supporting cast includes Sonequa Martin-Green,
who is playing LeBron’s wife, Kamiyah. There is also his son, Darius, and
Harper Leigh Alexander, who is playing his daughter. The scenes that are
featured in the virtual reality are basically characters from other movies of
the Warner Brothers production. How do we know this? Well, Malcolm D, the
director, has revealed this and he has also mentioned Mad Max, Casablanca, The
Matrix, and Wonder Woman in the category.

If we take a look at the photos dropped as the
“first reveal” we’d be able to see that the Warner Bros characters are
spectating the game only. It’s actually kind of weird, because we can see
several characters that appear to be unrecognizable. Oh, and Penguin from the
1966 series is also there!

James debuted in 2015, and so we know that he
is a capable actor, but we’re yet to explore him in different roles. Ryan
Coogler is serving as the producer of the film and, according to him, the new
space jam movie is going to examine the unique fashion of Black fatherhood and
how the role is especially distinct when it comes to LeBron James. The theme of
fatherhood is always emotional, so we can tell that the film will have a
heartfelt approach and that, all in all, it will be a fun ride!

We really cannot wait for the movie to release
in the theatres!

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We’re excited to watch the American
basketball player play virtual basketball in the new Space Jam 2! Do let us
know what you have to say about the new Legacy reveal! Do you think Michael
Shapiro could ever make a 2.06m jump?

Updated March 6, 2021
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