Social Distance: A Netflix Original Made Entirely During Quarantine

  • POSTED ON: October 13, 2020

While we were all confined in our homes, the writers of Orange is The New Black were producing and executing ideas that can blossom even within the creative restrictions of quarantine. Their collaboration has given birth to another unique anthology series, aptly titled “Social Distance”. Every episode deals with a different story and shows how every character of the show deals with the world amidst a pandemic.

The writers worked alongside Netflix creators to create this experimental series. The trailer has just been released, demonstrating relatable storylines and even familiar faces!

According to the original synopsis, this eight-part series will showcase the spirit of humans as their world stands still due to an unprecedented attack. We will get to see the perseverance and strength of human beings and their longing for connection. Every episode will deal with our dependence on technology, whether it is to maintain emotional attachment or continue remote working. Social Distance (2020) is actually a deeply moving story that gives us the much-needed catharsis.  

Do you know that the entire story was conceived and shot during the quarantine? Hillary Weisman Graham served as the executive producer, and Tara Herrmann, Blake McCormick, and Kohan joined her in this venture. These profiles previously worked on brilliant projects like Orange is The New Black, Mad Men, GLOW, and Bones.

The trailer shows Danielle Brooks as a working mom whereas Mike Colter is acting like a bachelor who is working out. There’s a glimpse of Zoom funeral and a story about a couple who have stopped having sex. The show is all set to release on 15th of October.



Updated October 13, 2020
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