SNL Weekend Update: Ryan Reynolds Cracks a Bunch of Sex Jokes

  • AUTHOR: fiona
  • POSTED ON: December 16, 2019

Ryan Reynolds has got the hang of the latest Saturday Night Live shows. After making an appearance at Will Ferrell’s opening monologue, Ryan recently crashed “Weekend Update” and made a plethora of dirty sex jokes.  


Ryan Reynolds, playing the character “Guy Who Knows the Owner,” was accompanied by Alex Moffat, a wealthy jerk called “Guy Who Just Bought a Boat.” Together, they propose a “dating manual” for Thanksgiving and fire the Weekend Update with countless sex jokes.


An interesting fact about this video is a short interaction between Reynolds and the host, Colin Jost.

Reynolds made a snarl remark: “Play your cards tight, and she’ll slip off her Louboutin pumps and play a little under-the-table footsie that’ll have her saying ‘Is that a giant, old, soft decaying banana in your pants or are you just not interested to see me?'”

Colin, who is engaged to Ryan’s ex-wife Scarlett Johansson, replies: “That’s what she’ll say?”

So, was it a shade thrown? We’ll never know!

Updated December 16, 2019
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