SNL Is Back and Tom Hanks Is Hosting

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: April 13, 2020

A special made-from-home edition of Saturday Night Live aired this weekend and it was both weird and light-hearted. The episode reminded us of the scary times that we’re living in, but it also gave us hope that no matter how difficult and challenging our life might be right now, we still got time to laugh. 

Tom Hanks admitted that “It’s good to be here though it is also very weird to be here. It is a strange time to try to be funny.”

Source: WBAP

He talked about his COVID-19 diagnosis and took time to thank the frontline workers that helped him through this nerve-wracking time. He also joked about Australia’s use of Celsius and not Fahrenheit and said something that we’re feeling nowadays. He said that there are no actual Saturdays anymore and that the show isn’t really live.

But you can always rely on the SNL team as they know how to delight you with their presence on screen.

“Is it going to look a little different than what you’re used to? Yes. Will it be weird to see sketches without big sets and costumes? Sure. But will it make you laugh? Eh. It’s ‘SNL.’ There’ll be some good stuff, maybe one or two stinkers. You know the drill.” – Hanks concluded. 

Updated April 13, 2020
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