Six Shocking Facts about Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things, Trailer and Characters!

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  • POSTED ON: December 15, 2020

'Tiny Pretty Things' Netflix - shocking facts, who pushed Cassie off the rooftop and incredible details.

Netflix is putting out incredible content one after the other! Recently, it gave a green flag to Tiny Pretty Things – an hour-long drama series that is adapted from a book written by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton. Lauren Holly, Kylie Jefferson, Casimere Jollete, Daniela Norman, Brennan Clost, Michael Hsu Rosen, Damon J. Gillespie, Bayardo De Murguia, Barton Cowperthwaite, Tory Trowbridge, and Jess Salgueiro are all set to star in this Netflix original.

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Below we’ve dissected the trailer and described the characters of Tiny Pretty Things. You can continue reading to find more facts about Netflix original and check out the trailer for Netflix's 'Tiny Pretty Things'!

The drama is centered on the world of elite ballet academy and shows the rise and fall of young adults who’ve been living far away from their homes. Every individual is at the verge of success but also one step away from being doomed. 

This is Chicago’s one and only elite dance school, making it the oasis for young and upcoming dancers. They come from all sorts of backgrounds – uniting only for their love for dance and dreams. This is it for them. They know exactly what they want and they’re willing to do anything for it.


MacLennan is not only the showrunner but also the executive producer of this show alongside Kiliaen Van Rensselaerm Jordanna Fraiberg, and Deborah Henderson. The Insurrection Company was eyeing on this book and working closely with Netflix on its adaptation and team development for over a year or so.

Let’s meet with the cast and their respective characters!

Holly is playing the role of Monique who is a former dancer and is now the director of The Archer School. She is ambitious and has true belief in ASB. She is shown as a powerful figure that will go to any lengths to defend her institution – no matter how dark they might be. She wants to bring out the best in her students because that is her ultimate motive.

Jefferson is playing the role of Neveah who is shown as a rebel who’s gifted with raw talent and inherent fierceness to rise above obstacles. She is encouraged by her peers to find her place in the tough world of ballet. She is faced with the greatest opportunity of her life as the last minute replacement.

Jollette is playing the role of Better who is perfect by all means. She is known as the music box ballerina. She comes from an elite background but she is shown to be an entitled witch. On the contrary, she works hard to earn her place in the school. She is confident and has an innate critique who isn’t happy until and unless everything is pitched perfectly.

Norman is playing the role of June who us a sweet dancer raised by a tough mother. She has been playing as backup to a lot of people and so The Archer School is the only place where she feels like she belongs as the it puts spotlight on her – for the first time. Her mother doesn’t approve of her dreams and aspirations so it makes it challenging for her to follow her dreams guilt free.

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Clost is playing the role of Shane who comes from a small town is has a hot temper. He is his family’s one last hope and that puts additional pressure on him.

Rosen is playing Nabil who is a bit odd and has a cold vibe. He was born in Malaysia but moved to Paris where he gained power and a dream to maximize to his full potential.

Gillespie is portraying the role of Caleb who is handsome and all things perfect. Like, he’s got talent and humor and emotional baggage as well. So the institution will help him unravel his profound loss and deepest secrets.

De Murguia is playing the role of Ramon who is your typical bad boy turned extraordinary choreographer. His bad boy days are now behind him as he has his love of his life by his side to keep him humble and decent.

Cowperthwaite is playing the role of Oren who is literally what you’d expect a prince to look like. He is wealthy and has dreamy eyes. He has a girlfriend but inside he is crippled by anxiety and stress. He’s got mental health issues, like others, and it would be interesting to unravel those sides of him.

Trowbridge is playing Delia who’s got incredible talent and skill. She is the family’s original dance prodigy returning from a dance school abroad.

Salgueiro is the cop turned dancer who has served in Afghanistan so you can say that she has traded one uniform for another. She’s ambitious and mysterious with a strict moral compass.

All of these characters seem interesting and we are sure that together they’re going to motivate the viewers to follow their dreams and passions in life.

But wait, who pushed Cassie Shore off the rooftop?

Well, even  though Cassie is taking the name of Bette that she pusher her, it was no one else than Delia Whitlaw, Bette's sister! But you must wait for the last episode to watch that. But if you are smart enough, there are a few hints given in the show before the final moment that can easily be picked up by the audience.

These were the six shocking facts about Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things. You can watch the trailer of Netflix’s ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ and make the decision whether or not you want to watch it.

Stay tuned to Hayvine, as we give you more updates about the key differences in the book and Netflix series!


Updated December 15, 2020
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