Should I go Long on Bitcoin? Elon Musk’s Responds to Maisie with Unsolicited Advice!

  • POSTED ON: November 18, 2020

Maisie Williams or better yet Arya Stark, the Faceless Men's acolyte, and the one who killed the Night King (sorry for the spoilers), is now considering to do some business with Bitcoins.

On Monday, Maisie addressed her followers on Twitter for advice about Bitcoin if she should consider to “go long on Bitcoin” (in traders’ lingo, going long indicates betting that Bitcoin’s value will increase).


And well, this short poll triggered an attack of memes and witty one-liners that have never been heard or said in the world of Westeros.

But there was an unexpected troll who jumped into this meme fest and literally stole the show! And he’s none other than SpaceX CEO and multi-millionaire, Elon Musk!

It’s not usual to see a CEO giving free advice on Twitter, right?

If you’re not familiar with the term Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and how much are Bitcoin worth, let us explain to you with a short summary: Basically, it’s a digital form of currency, which is likely to change the way we interpret money… or maybe a Ponzi scheme that utilizes so much technical power (to keep a record of transactions) in a way that it jeopardizes the environment.

Since everybody now likes to keep the best crypto wallet and know the Bitcoin stock price, there are still countless opinions about Bitcoins, and we don't really know what Maisie Williams has in her brain. But we do know that Elon Musk surely has something interesting in store about Bitcoin.

So, buy or sell?

Well, it’s hard to tell!

But we gotta appreciate how he deliberately mixed up Game Of Thrones lore with Witcher lore, and also reminded us of that bop of The Witcher's song, which mysteriously sticks in your head as the earliest you read his tweet.  And there’s a witty Bitcoin pun as well! Wow, Musk, you truly are a genius!

Well, this isn’t the first time Tesla’s CEO has been involved in a conversation with celebrities about Bitcoin. Earlier this year, Harry Potter author J.K Rowling asked her Twitter followers to explain Bitcoin to her, so Musk quickly saw an opportunity to share his two cents about Bitcoin.

And if you’re guessing what the twitter geniuses advised Maisie related to that pool… well, the results are conceding! About 49 percent of Twitterati advised her to go for long, while 53.2 percent advised against it. After all, the internet has never been an ideal place for business advice.

Musk’s serious and real opinions on Bitcoin are sort of hard to describe. In a podcast earlier this year, he said that he was “neither here nor there on Bitcoin.”

As for Maisie, it looks like she has decided what she’s going to do with Bitcoins.

Updated November 18, 2020
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