Shocking Facts About Freaky: A Horror-Comedy!

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You must remember
Christopher Landon from a popular horror-comedy “Happy Death Day” – well, he’s
back with yet another film and he has hit it out of the park yet again with some unbelievable fun facts ideas!

The director has
successfully demonstrated that slasher-comedies and horror genre can coincide
and strike a chord with the audiences. Freaky is another one of his strange
mixes which has a divided house – however, the movie is packaged well with a
riot of laughs and jumpy scares, making it irresistible.

First of all, we must
discuss the unspoken joke of the title – the desire to be the next Freaky
Friday the 13th. But here’s the tricky part – Landon fails to draw
the line between gory violence and farcical hilariousness, something he did
exceptionally in the past.

In Friday the 13th,
The Butcher acts as an infamous serial killer who wrecked the town with stingy
blood all over the idyllic town somehow managing to retain the urban-legend
status among teens. The movie begins with four horny young adults, trying
to frighten one another by sharing the old tales of the Butcher and his reign
of terror. As irony would have it, the Butcher shows up and dispatches them in
the cruelest and gory way one can imagine.

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If you’re into horror
movies that use “kills” as a noun, this movie will be an entertaining watch for
you despite the unnecessary violence at the end that make non-buffs squeaky
with cringe.

If you’re a movie buff,
you must have come across the term “high concept” numerous times in the past.
Well, it seems like this word was practically invented for this movie. Need to
summarize the movie in six words? Its Friday the 13th meets Freaky
Friday! A body will be swapped adding an element of humor instead of horror.
Freaking has a lighthearted underline with energy that exudes repeat value.
Landon and his co-writer Michael Kennedy might not have done much with this
unique plot, but they don’t disappoint you either. They’ve created an
entertaining movie for you – it’s just that you long for more because the idea
was deadly (pun intended).

Like mentioned before,
Landon is known for his past venture of horror comedies, like Happy Death Day
and its sequel. Fans of those films will discover similar sensibilities – a tint
of dark humor, gruesome violence, and unpredictable burn of sentiments. The
heart of the film is its female protagonist, Millie, a high-school misfit who
was bullied by her popular classmates. She lives in a town that is plagued by a
mysterious and possibly supernatural serial killer – The Butcher. When The
Butcher stabs her with an old dagger, her soul gets swapped with his, adding a
sense of ridiculousness to the otherwise horror sequence. He, of course, brings
a new perspective to Millie’s teenage drama. 

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Millie is a dork with a
timid attitude whereas the supporting cast includes Nyla and Josh who’re sort
of an outcast. After the Butcher takes over her body, her entire demeanor
switches – she dresses more fashionably and gives back to her bullies.

The actor Vaughn
deserves a special mention here because his gimmick here was originally
supposed to be beefy but he then enters the body of a teenage girl – adding
confusion and hilarity. But here’s the thing, the plotline is strong but the
script-writing is empty. There’s only so much that the actors can do to a
vanilla script. The aspirations were evidently strong but the execution
falters. There were some daring digressions, like issues related to gender
identity. But the idea never moved past the generic high-school drama where
mean and rich cheerleaders mock the ethnic minorities, working-class, nerds,
and LGBTQ+ students.

Due to this route, the
viewers would predictably extend support to Millie and the Butcher every time
they fight back and torture the bullies. However, the problem is that the
support for the heroin feels forced and insincere. In Happy Death Day, the
emotional renaissance arose organically.

You’ll find very few
but memorable moments where the movie has attempted social commentary. At one
point, the kids sardonically note that schools won’t cancel homecoming despite
the fact that there’s a serial killer on the loose. This remark was possibly a
taunt to the current situation – schools are horridly treating students despite
that fact that there’s a pandemic going on.

But besides that, young
individuals are always sacrificed in the name of social order. This movie is
taking a dig at that set of ideology that resonates with every youngster in the
world today. The movie is thoughtful in that regard whilst keeping up with the
overall theme.

We recommend that you
give this movie a watch because clever ideas are hard to come by especially
when the movie is based around teenagers.

What do you think about these freaky facts?

Updated November 11, 2020
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