Selena Gomez’s Net Worth: Is She Actually Worth $75 Million in 2020?

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  • POSTED ON: December 3, 2020

Selena Gomez net worth 2020.

It may come as a shock to many people but, despite being only
28 years old, Selena Gomez has spent nearly two decades in the industry. The
Disney alumni started her career in 2002— at the age of 7—with Barney &
Friends TV Series. Soon, she landed herself the lead role in the Emmy winning
show Wizards of Waverly Places on Disney, and that was just the beginning of
her epic journey to stardom and success. 

Like other stars, her success wasn’t overnight. It was
gradual, and she took one step at a time. During her Disney days, she started a
band that churned out several chart topping songs and sold out world tours.

Of course, when her Disney days came to an end, she bid farewell
to her band (Selena Gomez and the Scene) and ventured into the music industry
as a solo artist. In the early days, praise from critics came out in pennies;
but in 2015, when she released Revival, love started pouring in and blossoming
her into a full-blown artist.

Music isn’t her only mark of success, though. Selena has been
part of several profitable movie projects as well. She’s constantly evolving
and expanding her work: from collaboration with fashion brands and launching
her own makeup line to dominating social media followership to starting several
key entrepreneurial ventures, Selena has truly proven that she’s

Of course, despite coming across as invincible, she has faced
several obstacles along the way. Gomez took a five-year gap between her
blockbuster albums Revival and Rare, as her health took a setback. She got
diagnosed with Lupus and underwent a kidney transplant. The multi-faceted Gomez
has built herself an empire at such a young age considering Selena’s net worth, and that too on her own with
her fierceness and talent.

Selena Gomez established a 75 million net worth through hard
work and labor. Here’s how the Back to You singer spends her money:

It is reported that she landed herself at the runner-up spot with
her double-digit earning every year in the last few years. She also found her
name in the list of Forbes 30 under 30 musicians in 2016; she was 23 and had
sold over 22 million singles at the time.

But here’s the question: when did she actually become a
household name? Many would argue that it was the music that made her switch
gears and come at the front foot, but it was actually her role as Alex Russo on
Disney that gave her the biggest breakout moment.

The show has 106 episodes and was aired from 2007 to 2012.
She charged $30,000 per episode and at this time, she was also part of other
Disney shows and movies. This is when she formed her own production company
called July Moon Productions and signed her contract with the reputable music
label, Hollywood Records.

She released three studio albums with her bands that hit top
10 on the Billboard 200 chart. In 2012, she exited her band and released her
first solo album, Stars Dance in the next year which ultimately hit the number
one spot on all charts. The tours also estimated a total of $11 million. 

She soon started acting in movies that strayed away from her
Disney image, like Spring Breakers. She voiced the character of Mavis in
animated franchise Hotel Transylvania. She also signed with Interscope records
and released the critically acclaimed album Revival in 2015. However, while she
was on tour, she faced complications from her autoimmune disease lupus which
forced her to cancel it midway. The tour apparently earned $13 million!

Gomez served as the executive producer for the hit Netflix
series Thirteen Reasons Why along with Living Undocumented. In 2020, she
produced her third studio album Rare, which garnered critical acclaim as well.

As a leading celebrity figure, Selena Gomez has managed to
earn popular endorsement deals. An impressive chunk of her income comes from
her collaboration with fashion and make up brands. She, in fact, started her
own clothing line at Kmart which was in store from 2010 till 2014. In addition
to this, she has launched several fragrances. By 2015, she was the ambassador
of haircare brand Pantene. She’s been a constant member of the brand since then
and apparently gets $3 million per year for it.

By 2016, she had established herself as the most followed
person on Instagram. She famously posted a picture of herself sipping Coca-Cola,
in which the bottle displayed lyrics of one of her songs. If speculations are
true, she earned a whopping $550,000 from that campaign alone.

The same year she was launched as the face of French luxury
brand, Louis Vitton’s fall collection. After this, she was signed on the
American luxury brand Coach. The partnership turned out to be fruitful, because
of which she joined forces with the brand for two more years. It is speculated
that this partnership earned her $30 million.

Selena has been smartly handling her finances and investing
where the returns are promising. It’s been observed that she invests a lot of
her money in buying and selling of property. Like, in 2014, she bought a 5
bedroom home in Calabasas for $3.6 million. She did the same with her 10,000
square foot mansion in Fort Worth, Texas, and more recently, with the three
bedroom home in Studio City.

This isn’t it. Selena’s is amongst the few celebrities who
believe in investing their valuable time in philanthropic endeavors. She’s been
working with UNICEF, WE Charity, and Alliance with Lupus Research Organization
for years. She is known for donating a large chunk of money that she earned
from touring.

Basically, from studying her journey we can confirm that her
road to success has been a long one with several ups and downs. Selena Gomez’s
net worth in 2020 was $75 million, and we all know that behind that %75 million
is hard work and dedication. 

Stay tuned to Hayvine for some more exciting news about Selena Gomez. Here’s some heartless memes and reactions to her kidney transplant journey.

Updated December 3, 2020
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