‘Seaspiracy’ Review: 5 Shocking Discoveries

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  • POSTED ON: March 26, 2021

Tabrizi’s new documentary film is terrifying and shows the brutal truth about
the commercial fishing industry. We urge everyone to watch the documentary, as
it’s the only way we can protect our oceans and have a shot at survival.

director blatantly exposes the cruel ways of humanity in the documentary. For
some, it will be a hard digest. This documentary is honestly a public service
and shows how filmmaking can be used to create awareness. In the last few
years, we’ve already heard about issues concerning the sea life and how it will
eventually have a deeper insult to humanity.

has singlehandedly devised a channel through this documentary and connected
every minor and major issue. Interestingly, he never intended to shoot this

take a look at some of the topics this documentary covers:

Impact of Plastic on the Sea Life

started the documentary with the most essential topic: plastic. As someone
who’s been a lover of dolphins and whales throughout his life, he speaks explicitly
about plastic and its detrimental effect on the water animals, revealing that
he personally avoids utensils, plastic bottles and straws.

ardently tells that single-use plastic is basically a killing machine for
whales, and so, he is committed to lowering its usage.

Terrible Condition of the Dolphinarium Industry

is accompanied by his partner throughout the film, and they both discover that
human beings still hunt down whales. He explains the Japanese ‘cove’ in which
dolphins are literally massacred and captured – believed to be of no mercy.
It’s an actual bloodbath, to be honest.

tries to explain the messed up situation of the dolphinarium industry, revealing
the cost of one dolphin. He revealed that people sell dolphins for $100,000 at
least. It was the same sequence where they showed a young boy witnessing the
brutal end of a whale.

Blue Fin Tuna – Only 3% Alive

you know that tuna is sold for $42 billion worldwide, and the Taiji fishermen
are trained to kill dolphins and whales so that they wouldn’t have to complete
the entire catching. The blue fin tuna is the most expensive in the market, and
it’s also because it’s one of the rarest species alive – only 3% are alive.

Shark Fun City

soon moves on to another topic; his next stop is Shark Fin City in Hong Kong.
It is aptly named, because that’s where 50% of the shark fins are exported
through our port. He found time to speak with the city’s leading marine life
activist Gary Stokes, and explained the significance of sharks in the

also got the chance to interview an ex-military, who he was once attacked by a
shark while he was on a mission, losing one of his legs and a section of his
arm. Would you believe what the documentary reveals? Well, today he is one of
the main advocates against shark fin consumption. He said that they’re
essential for human survival and we need to stop believing that these sharks
are our enemies.

Climate Crisis and Role of Oceans

also points out the relationship between the ocean and the climate crisis. Taking
an interview of George Monbiot, he writes about this issues regularly. He
reveals that we, humans, are deforesting the oceans and he also compares the
situation with the Amazon rainforest. He confirms that you can’t stop climate
change if you don’t protect the oceans. What is the right way to do so?
Honestly, it’s quite simple: you just need to leave it on its own.

the end, we can safely admit that the survival of the human species is
dependent on the oceans. Seaspiracy is an enlightening series that exposes
human hypocrisy. It gives an overview of the war with plastic and how the
cruelty evident in our behavior is the actual plague that will kill us. Not all
is lost, though. We still have a shot at saving this planet and, for that, we
need to protect the ocean life.

us know your thoughts after watching the docuseries and like our page on

Seaspiracy review gave us 5 shocking discoveries – it was a one-sided rhetorical
style. Honestly, it did conclude an incredible dark discovery. 

Updated March 26, 2021
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