Report: NBA YoungBoy Arrested by FBI after LAPD Car Chase

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  • POSTED ON: March 26, 2021

Rapper NBA YoungBoy was recently arrested by the FBI in LA. The incident happened on Monday, March 22, after which he apparently fled the scene. He apparently fled from LAPD officers when they stopped him at the traffic stop and they had a warrant as well.

As per the statement by Baton Rouge’s WBRZ, NBA YoungBoy (also known as Kentrell DeSean Gaulden) was taken into custody because he fled from the scene. The LA Police tried to pull the car over, because he had a connection with an outstanding federal warrant.

Following a quick chase, Gaulden stopped his car once he figured that he might have rubbed the police officers the wrong way. It took them a K-9 to track them down. It is now being said that the LAPD officers discovered a firearm in the car – they weren’t sure if it belonged to the rapper. The spokesperson for NBA YoungBoy or that of his attorney hasn’t responded when asked for a comment.

However, it has been revealed that the FBI is currently taking care of the charges of this case as well as the case itself. The FBI spokesperson has also told Billboard that it cannot speak right now as the investigation is still ongoing. The FBI has declined to verify whether or not the rapper is still in custody.

He was arrested in his native place Baton Rouge back in September as well; he was shooting with 16 others and had drugs and weapons in place. According to those investigations, he was charged for possession of a schedule 1 drug, and also for distributing schedule 2 and 4 drugs. In addition, there has been no mention of firearm charges.

His attorney, James Manasseh spoke to Billboard after September arrest. He said that the law enforcement authorities arrived after they received a tip from someone. They were apparently told that guns and drugs were present on site without any evidence.

He said: "Kentrell Gaulden is innocent of the crimes he was arrested for yesterday evening. He did not possess any firearms nor did he possess any controlled dangerous substances. No firearms or controlled dangerous substances were found on Mr. Gaulden’s person or in his immediate control."

It should be kept in mind that the young rapper has been in trouble for quite some time – at least, in the last couple of months. He had several run-ins with the law last year, starting from February in Atlanta. They said that he was charged for disorderly conduct charge. Next, he was charged again in June and that was serious – for a second degree murder charge!

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TMZ reports that YoungBoy was involved in an LAPD car chase, even though it was a short pursuit, it was serious. Like we mentioned earlier, the police chase using K-9 unit and that’s the indication of how serious it got!

Updated March 26, 2021
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